Emergencies are situations where there is an immediate threat to the safety of people and property that requires attention.

For emergencies on campus, call 9999. For emergencies off campus, call 000.

For travel emergencies please contact International SOS

First aid is available on campus.

What should I do?

There are four things you should do in an emergency:

  1. Stay calm and keep yourself safe – avoid becoming part of the emergency!
  2. Try to keep yourself and others away from the danger area.
  3. Alert people nearby and enlist their aid.
  4. Contact help.

How do I contact help?

You can contact help by calling security on 9999 from any internal phone and tell them your name and location – the building and room number if the emergency is inside. You must describe the nature of the emergency and provide any details that could help them with their response.

If you are unable to get to a phone to contact security, you can use the fire emergency glass panels. There are buttons that you can use to summon emergency services if there is no other option available. Break the glass to access the button.

What if I hear an alarm?

There are different alarm sounds used across the university. They may be a bell, hooter or siren depending on which building you are in. Most buildings on campus have a two-tone emergency alarm system. The alarm sound is a whoop whoop.

The two-tone alarm

There may be instances when the second alarm is sounded alone – in this instance, evacuate immediately.

When you hear an evacuation alarm, remember:

  • Do not use lifts.
  • Follow the directions of emergency personnel.
  • Do not cluster around doorways.
  • Do not run down stairs – walk calmly and promptly.
  • Do not wait for your friends; you can catch up with them at the assembly point.
  • Do not hinder wardens or emergency services personnel.
  • Help people with disabilities or who have mobility issues if required. Please ask them if they need assistance first.
  • Do not attempt to re-enter the building until told to.

Follow all directions issued by the emergency wardens or emergency services personnel.

Emergency wardens and how to recognise them



Campus emergency coordinator and emergency response officer

White baseball cap (if outside) and high visibility safety vest

Building warden

Yellow baseball cap and high visibility safety vest

Area warden

Red baseball cap and high visibility safety vest

First aid

Green baseball cap and high visibility safety vest

Roles of lecturers/tutors/carers

If you are responsible for students, you are responsible for ensuring your class evacuates and that you maintain control of them until you are advised by emergency personnel that the situation is resolved. You should make yourself familiar with the emergency exits, any emergency protocols and who the emergency coordinator (ECO) is for your building or area.

In a laboratory situation you should, where it is safe to do so, make safe any hazardous substances and/or experiments prior to evacuating.

Special needs

If you require further assistance please speak with your local area warden and develop with them an Individual Safety Plan that you can enact should an emergency arise.

Macquarie University Alerts

Macquarie University's emergency notification system is called Macquarie University Alerts:

  • In an emergency you will receive an email advising of the nature of the emergency.
  • Further directions will be provided in that email.
  • You can also receive an SMS if you have registered your mobile number.

Want to become a warden or a first aider?

Contact us at ohs@mq.edu.au
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