Relocating to Sydney

Relocating to Sydney

Relocating can be a daunting experience, so our dedicated immigration and relocation consultant is here to support you.

Relocation allowance

In some circumstances Macquarie University may offer eligible new staff a relocation allowance to assist with the expenses of relocating to Sydney. The allowance is not intended to cover all costs associated with relocating and the amount will depend on individual circumstances.

Items on which a relocation allowance may be used for are listed in the Relocation Guideline. You should claim reimbursement of relocation expenses with original receipts within six months of arriving in Sydney. In some cases, costs can be paid directly by Macquarie University.

Booking and arranging travel

If you have a relocation allowance, you will need to arrange for your airfare to be purchased by the University on your behalf, in order for the cost of this to be deducted from your relocation allowance. This can be arranged by your department administrator who will book the flights through Campus Travel. Staff members are not permitted to buy airfares and then seek reimbursement.

Moving your things

Our in-house immigration and relocation consultant can arrange for a representative from two removalist companies to survey your belongings and provide a quote. You are also free to engage your provider of choice.

Once you have received the quotes, and have determined who you would like to move with, our consultant can arrange for payment of the invoice by Macquarie University. You will need to arrange payment for any amount in excess of your relocation allowance.

Macquarie University can provide insurance that will cover personal effects and household belongings up to AU$200K. Contact our immigration and relocation consultant for information on insurance.

Temporary accommodation

There are various temporary accommodation options close to the University, including hotels and serviced apartments. Macquarie University has corporate rates with some of the venues. Your Department Administrator may be able to assist you with the booking of your temporary accommodation.

Tax File Number and bank account

If you are relocating from overseas, you will need to apply for an Australian Tax File Number (TFN). You will not be able to apply for a TFN until after you have arrived in Australia and you have a residential address. You need to provide Payroll your TFN within 28 days of your commencement as after 28 days without a TFN, you will be taxed at the highest rate of tax.

Submit your TFN application via the Australian Tax Office website. After you receive your TFN, complete a new Tax File Declaration form (PDF) and send to to ensure your tax records are updated.

You may be able open a bank account online before you arrive in Australia. You should provide your TFN to your bank.

Visas and health insurance

After you have accepted your employment offer our in-house immigration consultant will be in touch to guide you through your visa options, application process and other requirements.

Typically, staff requiring a visa will be sponsored on the Temporary Skills Shortage Visa (subclass 482).

If you require a TSS visa, you will need to obtain and maintain health insurance for the duration of your visa. If you are from a country that has a Reciprocal Health Care Agreement (RHCA) with Australia you only have to obtain health insurance that covers you until you have obtained Medicare coverage.

If you are from a country that has a RHCA with Australia, you should enrol in Medicare as soon as possible after arriving in Australia. The level of benefits and services granted under these agreements are restricted to “immediately necessary care only”, therefore you may still want to consider obtaining private health insurance in order to have full health insurance coverage.

Need more help?

Contact Karen Geldard by phone on +61 (2) 9850 9744 or at for relocation advice and support.

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