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Useful links

Maintain your wellbeing during COVID-19

We recognise that this is a challenging time and looking after your overall wellbeing should be a top priority. For those working from home, try to maintain a healthy balance by allocating specific work hours, taking regular breaks and, if possible, have a dedicated workspace. Establish routines as best as possible and try to view this period as a new experience that can bring health benefits.

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Below are some useful resources to help.

Stay informed

Tips for parents and carers
Tips for remote working

Stay mentally well

Stay physically active

Daily exercise will increase your endorphins (which helps us feel more positive) and reduce your stress. Finding time in your day to exercise will help maintain your overall wellbeing during this time.

Stay connected

Social distancing can make you feel lonely and negatively impact your wellbeing. Here's how we can stay connected.

Stay on track

During this time, it will be important to stay productive and keep your performance and personal development on track. For formal training needs at MQ, there is a range of different online workshops and resources.


MindSpot – Try this online counselling service for adults

Review our Wellbeing information and support for staff

Check out our in-house training courses and LinkedIn Learning playlist

Book your meditation headband at the library

Learn how to ask R U OK? by watching this video

Check out our playlist of recommended health and wellbeing video courses


Read our Flexible work policy and guidelines

Read our Health and Wellbeing Leaders Guide for tips and ideas to create a healthy workplace and embed a culture of wellbeing in your team

Check out our playlist of recommended health and wellbeing video courses

Watch this video to understand why “The CARE in a conversation determines the success of a relationship”

Watch this video with your morning tea. The importance of asking the question R U OK?

Think about the simple steps that could change a person’s life.  Ask R U OK?

Wellbeing Program resources

See the slides from our Lunch and Learn session, How to Move More and Sit Less (presented by Dr Josephine Chau, Department of Health Systems and Populations)

Don't have time to exercise? This article might help you think differently!

Staff apps for download

Unimoves app photo

Get active with Macquarie UniMoves, a pilot project designed to get you moving!

Download the app on the Google Play app or the Apple app to:

  • Track your activity levels
  • Challenge your friends or colleagues to see who moves more
  • Find out about the latest events on campus to get you moving
  • Access on campus challenges to win prizes
  • Track your workouts in the gym
  • Complete pre-programmed workouts or create your own

For more information click here. View a short video on how to use the Unimoves app here.

MQ wellbeing photo

MQ Wellbeing is the app that can help you achieve balance in your life. Keep track of your wellbeing with tools designed to monitor your habits, connect with the MQ community and reach your potential. MQ Wellbeing provides you with ongoing support, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and connects you with opportunities that support your success at Macquarie and beyond.

Please note: This app was developed for students first but has also been adapted for staff. Hence, there may be more references to student examples in some of the podcasts. However, the situations and examples can be applied generically.

Both apps can be found on:

App store photo

Download on Android or iOS today.

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