Staff Wellbeing: What’s online?

Staff Wellbeing: What’s online?

Below are some online activities and events you might like to participate in. This page will be updated on a regular basis.

If you know of other online wellbeing events or activities that can be shared with our MQ community, please email us at

Flu vaccination

Book your flu vaccine here. We would like to remind you that the annual influenza vaccination is recommended for everyone over the age of 6 months. Bookings are available for the month of May at the MQ GP clinic.

Online mindfulness meditation sessions

In these uncertain times, feelings of fear, isolation, stress and worry are circulating widely in the community. There has never been a more important time to practice mindfulness - i.e. to be clearly aware of the behaviour of our own minds, and to relate to ourselves and others clearly and with kindness. 

Mindfulness meditation is a practice of focusing the mind on our present moment experience. By opening to the breath and sensations, we learn to be where we are and with what is. Over time, this practice reduces stress, improves attention and promotes deep rest of the body and mind.

These free online sessions are open to any staff or students interested in meditation (beginners welcome). Over the weeks, you will be guided through a series of simple meditation and deep relaxation practices. There will be opportunities for Q&A at the end of each session. You will need a chair or cushion to sit on, or a mat if you prefer to lay down.

Join our community of meditators as we weather this storm together.


  • May sessions - Tuesdays 12pm to 1pm (5, 12, 19 and 26 May 2020)

Register via the myRDC page and you will be emailed the Zoom link prior to the session.


Online seminars

  • Wednesday 27 May: Your mind and your gut – how they are connected and tips for keeping both happy. Book here.

Come and join Professor Mike Jones, as he talks about the mind-gut connection and likely future directions that may improve multiple aspects of health.

Humans have understood that there is a strong connection between gut health and mental health since the ancient Greeks. Sayings such as being so anxious that I have “butterflies in my stomach” are part of everyday language, and experience. However, truly scientific study of the connection is less than 50 years old and the last decade has seen an explosion of discoveries and treatments.  Some of these have made their mark into the popular media, including the influence of the gastrointestinal microbiome and the intriguing possibility that mental health conditions might be treated by therapies directed at the gut.

Professor Mike Jones from the Department of Psychology at Macquarie University trained as a biostatistician and has worked in epidemiology and health psychology for over thirty years in a variety of settings including universities, research institutions and in industry. Mike has focused on the epidemiology of functional gastrointestinal disorders (FGIDs), e.g. irritable bowel syndrome, and functional somatic syndromes for over 30 years. His current interests in FGID epidemiology include understanding the mechanism of their association with psychological conditions and disorders.

Where: Zoom session - link will be sent to participants prior to the session
Time: 12pm - 1pm

  • Thursday 2 July: How can we make healthy and sustainable food choices? Book here.

Join Dr Rimante Ronto, Lecturer in Public Health and mixed methods researcher, within the Department of Health Systems and Populations at Macquarie University where she will discuss current evidence on what makes a diet sustainable and healthy and what dietary practices would contribute to fewer environmental impacts. We will also share experiences of our current practices and identify opportunities and strategies on how we can improve it.

Where: Zoom session - link will be sent to participants prior to the session
Time: 12pm - 1pm

Recorded online seminars

Coping and Resilience Tips for Front-line Staff

If you missed this seminar on 29 April, you can view the recording here. For useful tips for front-line staff, click here.

Nick Titov gave a very relevant and practical talk on the challenges for front-line staff working during the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. As a front-line staff member, you are not only serving the community but you also trying to stay healthy, while often worrying about the health of family and friends. This webinar outlines practical psychological skills to help front line staff stay mentally resilient during this challenging time.

About the Speaker: Nick Titov, Executive Director of MindSpot, MQ Health at Macquarie University. MindSpot operates two digital mental health clinics, the MindSpot Clinic and PORTS (Practitioner Online Referral Treatment Service) which serve 25,000 Australians per year. Nick also provides advice and support for organisations developing and delivering digital mental health services in Australia as well as in other countries.

Are You Mastering Your Resilience During COVID-19?

If you missed this seminar on 21 May, you can view the recording here (the seminars starts 2 min into the link). This webinar is designed to help you find the courage to build your resilience, so you can navigate better out of tough times. Whether you are experiencing financial challenges, job insecurity, workplace dramas, or personal pressures, this impactful session will help you build your resilience and create a positive plan for life.

You will learn:

- To be the boss of your thoughts, not the slave of them.
- How to disconnect, so you can reconnect with yourself and what’s most important to you right now.
- To proactively build your resilience so you can bend rather than break during high-pressured times.

You can also take this resilience quiz here so you know how these stressful and uncertain times are impacting you.

About the Speaker: Heidi Dening is an award-winning workplace wellness consultant and speaker, the CEO of Workable Wellness.

Online learning opportunities: Lifelong learning is good for your wellbeing

From now until the end of July, Macquarie staff and students have free access to enrol in any of more than 3800 online courses via the Coursera Response Program for Macquarie University. Any courses started by 31 July can be completed until the program ends on 30 September. Access Coursera courses here.

Other online learning courses:

Access Excel skills for business here

Access LinkedIn learning course here. i.e. a wide range of top quality video courses taught by recognised industry experts on topics including Microsoft suite, Project Management and Communication (to name just a few).

For more information about online learning visit our workshops and online resources page.

Resources, tips and video clips for parents, carers, teachers and educators

These resources is the result of an amazing collaboration between the Centre for Emotional Health and the School of Education at Macquarie University. It is an important collection of strategies and tips to support parents, carers, teachers and educators alike in helping to manage anxiety in children during COVID-19. Find out more: COVID-19: We've Got This Covered!

MQ sport and aquatics live online exercise classes

MQSport has launched a free online group fitness timetable with workouts led by their most experienced instructors and hosted via Facebook Live stream, commencing Wednesday 22 April. There are classes for all fitness levels and experience, including the popular Les Mills programs, dance and yoga.

How do I access the live stream classes?
To view the timetable and classes, follow the MQSport Facebook page at

What if I don’t have a Facebook account?
All the live stream videos are for public viewing so you can still enjoy the workouts without signing up to Facebook. Just scroll down to the live stream class you wish to participate in and hit play!

We recommend joining the MQSport Facebook group so that you can get notifications of the classes and keep up to date with other news.

Some classes are equipment based. Does this mean I need equipment to participate in these classes?
You can loan a Body Pump equipment pack for $20 per week + $200 deposit by filling out this form. Our Instructors will also offer at home equipment alternatives.

What if I miss a class that I really wanted to do?
The classes will stay live for 48 hours so you have flexibility when you to do your workouts within a 48 hour period.

For more workout tips, follow @mqgroupfitness on Instagram and for live stream classes go to View MQ Sport’s online group fitness timetable here.

Stay Active – download the Unimoves app

Unimoves logo

Get active with Macquarie UniMoves, a pilot project designed to get you moving!

To download the app, search Macquarie Unimoves on the Google Play app or the Apple app to:

  • Track your activity levels
  • Challenge your friends or colleagues to see who moves more
  • Find out about the latest events on campus to get you moving
  • Access on campus challenges to win prizes
  • Track your workouts in the gym
    Complete pre-programmed workouts or create your own

Check out these latest updates:

  • Access to daily workouts
  • Create your own workouts
  • Access to daily recipes

For more information click here. View a short video on how to use the Unimoves app here.

UniMoves Coastline challenge : 11 May – 8 June

Need to prove you actually DID something during this shutdown period? Grab some mates and join the next UniMoves team challenge.

Did you know the average person will burn 213,700 calories jogging the coastline of NSW?

Grab your friends, join a team (max 4 per team) and see if you can be the first to do it!

Here's how it works:

Jump onto the Macquarie UniMoves app and join the team of your choice (all named after coastal towns).

Start tracking the calories you burn in your SGT classes, group fitness classes or any other activity you are doing in isolation through the app.

The team with the most calories burned until the 8th June will receive a $25 Uber Eats voucher each.

So have some fun and get moving!

Look after your Wellbeing - try out our new MQ Wellbeing app

MQ wellbeing logo

MQ Wellbeing is the app that can help you achieve balance in your life. Keep track of your wellbeing with tools designed to monitor your habits, connect with the MQ community and reach your potential. MQ Wellbeing provides you with ongoing support, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and connects you with opportunities that support your success at Macquarie and beyond.

Please note: This app was developed for students first but has also been adapted for staff. Hence, there may be more references to student examples in some of the podcasts. However, the situations and examples can be applied generically.

The app can be found on:

App store image

Download on Android or iOS today.

Medibank resources, consultations and additional support

Medibank have created a Live Better at Home website offering all staff access to a variety of useful resources. This ranges from setting healthy eating habits at home to quick workouts, stretching sessions and mindfulness techniques that can be done anytime and anywhere.

Telephone consultations are available with Medibank. If you join before the end May 2020, you get 6 weeks for free. Check out this special deal. New members who book a telephone consultation with a Medibank consultant and get a quote on the day will receive a $20 Eftpos card. Terms and conditions apply.

Additional support for Medibank customers during COVID-19:

  • Medibank will postpone the 1 April rate rise on health insurance premiums for 6 months.
  • From 30 March, Medibank customers with extras cover that includes psychology will be able to claim for tele-consultations with psychologists.
  • Medibank are also looking into extending benefit payments to some other allied health professions where tele-health can be delivered effectively as an alternative to a face-to-face consultation.
  • Introducing additional clinical support systems for customers with Coronavirus who are in self isolation at home as well as customers with chronic and complex health conditions.
  • Continuing to encourage Medibank customers to access our 24/7 Medibank Nurse and Mental Health Phone Support lines.

Unisuper – get some advice

Need to get in control of your financial situation? UniSuper Advice offers high-quality financial advice services for Macquarie University employees.

Unisuper consultants are available online or over the phone. Getting started can be as simple as booking an appointment online.

Wellbeing month - coming soon in September!

Keep a look out for our annual wellbeing month which will still take place in September – it may look slightly different this year and it may include online sessions … but it will still provide you with some great resources to support your wellbeing. Watch this space!

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