At Macquarie, we're committed to creating a happy and healthy workplace that values inclusivity and work-life balance. Throughout the year we will be offering a number of different lunchtime seminars and activities as part of our ongoing staff wellbeing program, A Better You at MQ. We aim to support you in maximising your personal physical and mental wellbeing while ensuring a work environment that allows you to achieve your full potential.

Upcoming events

Wellbeing Month | 12 September to 9 October 2019

This year, Wellbeing Week has been expanded to a cover a full month, encouraging a more sustained focus on health and wellbeing for members of the Macquarie community. The program includes a range of seminars and activities, informative lunchtime sessions, campus walks, exercise classes, indoor gardening workshops, massages and art classes. We will also have a number of lucky draw prizes available - make sure you register to put your name in the draw!

To view the full Wellbeing Month program and register for events, click here. Promotional posters and schedules are available for download here.

Financial Wellbeing seminars

To help Macquarie staff achieve greater financial wellbeing, the University is partnering with UniSuper to offer a four-part Financial Wellbeing Program. The seminar-based series will provide staff with the knowledge and tools they need to take charge of their financial future.

The sessions will cover four of the most common financial challenges Macquarie staff seek advice on:

Saving in a world of spending | Wednesday 24 July 2019

Wednesday 24 July, 12pm to 1pm
4 Western Road, Room 220
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How do you set and remain committed to your financial goals? What are the secrets to remaining flexible in the face of changed circumstances? This seminar will give you the knowhow to get in control or back on track.

Creating wealth: Investing inside and outside super | Thursday 29 August 2019

Thursday 29 August, 12pm to 1pm
MUSE Conference Room A
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How do you match your investment decisions to your financial goals? In this seminar, we shine light on what to consider when setting an investment time horizon and determining your appetite for risk. We'll also cover the core investment concepts to help you to make informed decisions.

Protecting wealth: Insurance and estate planning | Thursday 26 September 2019

Thursday 26 September, 12pm to 1pm
MUSE Conference Room A
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A crystal-clear insurance and estate plan can provide peace of mind and should financially protect you and your loved ones in case the unexpected happens. The third seminar of UniSuper’s four-part Financial Wellbeing series will cover the different kinds of insurance available and issues to consider when planning your estate. Whether you’re single, have a young family or are on the cusp of retirement, this seminar is relevant to all ages.

Take control for the retirement you want | Thursday 31 October 2019

Thursday 31 October, 12pm to 1pm
MUSE Conference Room A
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To make the most of superannuation, you need to choose the right product, determine your contribution and investment strategy, set up insurance and nominate beneficiaries. But where do you start? Where can you get help? These questions are the focus of UniSuper’s fourth and final Financial Wellbeing seminar.

Bookings for each seminar are essential. For more information, or to reserve your place, visit the UniSuper website.

Free yoga classes

Enjoy yoga or want to try it out in your lunch break? The Sport & Aquatic Centre are offering a series of free yoga classes led by experienced instructors. Classes will be held at 12pm every Monday in the Creative Room Space on Level 4 of MUSE (18 Wally's Walk). Come dressed and ready to go, or stop at level three to use the bathrooms to change.

Mindfulness meditation sessions

Mindfulness meditation is a practice of focusing the mind on the present moment, helping to cultivate awareness, concentration and gentle self-discipline, while also improving emotional regulation.

Dr Michelle Jamieson (HDR Learning Advisor, Faculty of Arts) is running free sessions for staff interested in learning to meditate or practicing regularly with a group. She will explore a number of practices including sitting meditation, moving meditation and body scanning. Registrations for these sessions are managed through the Researcher Development Calendar.

Free massages for staff

Throughout 2019, the Chiropractic Clinic and their final year students will be offering free 15-minute soft tissue massages to staff. These sessions will run once a month throughout the year. To reserve your booking, click here. To add your name to the waiting list, email abetteryouatmq@mq.edu.au.

Medibank on campus

Is your health cover right for you? Find out by booking an appointment with a Medibank consultant. Medibank is on campus the first Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday of each month.


Discuss your superannuation options by booking an appointment with our on-campus consultant.

  • Employee Assistance Program - Benestar

    The Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is a confidential counselling, coaching and wellbeing service that’s free for all for Macquarie University and entity staff and their immediate family members.

  • Health insurance partner - Medibank

    Protect yourself and your loved ones, with a 9% discount on corporate health cover through Medibank.

  • Sport and Aquatic Centre

    Achieve your health and fitness goals with access to indoor and outdoor heated swimming pools, health club, group fitness classes, squash courts and much more at our Sport and Aquatic Centre. Plus, staff save 30% on membership fees.

  • Medical services and clinics

    You don’t have to go far to get access to some of the best medical services and specialised clinics. Macquarie offers Australia’s first integrated health and research campus, which includes a hospital and a range of specialist MQ Health clinics.

  • Centre for Emotional Health

    The Centre for Emotional health offers highly trained and qualified professionals who provide children, teens and adults with world-leading, evidence-based assessment services and treatment for emotional disorders.

  • Community volunteering

    Helping others helps you! Why not use the two days’ leave the University gives you each year and do good for others?

  • Family support for parents and carers

    Balancing work and family is not easy, but it is important if we are to experience an healthy and happy life.

  • Domestic and family violence

    Macquarie is committed to preventing domestic and family violence, and supporting staff who are affected by it.

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