Travel emergencies

Travel emergencies

International SOS is a leading medical assistance, international healthcare and security assistance company that provides 24/7 resources for staff on university-related international business travel.

Macquarie's emergency assistance provider 

Whenever you have medical, security or logistical problems while travelling overseas, International SOS provides emergency assistance by phone, online, through their app or with on-the-ground help. You will need your Macquarie membership number to log in to their system.

What to do when you return

Should you need to claim any personal or University costs for losses incurred, you must, on your return to the University, complete a travel insurance claim form (PDF) and submit to the Insurance office. Consult the travel insurance policy to find out if you are eligible to claim reimbursement for your situation.

Only one claim form is required for losses involving both University and personal property, however, the values need be distinguished via an accompanying note to facilitate correct reimbursement to each party.

The claim form should spell out clearly what proof of loss/damage the insurer requires to enable speedy settlement of a claim. The required supporting documentation should be submitted along with the claim to the Insurance Office for lodgement.

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