Planning and booking

Planning and booking

All Travellers should review the Macquarie University Travel Policy and Procedures documents before planning travel.

The University has a five-step process for planning and booking travel. It must be completed before you can depart.

Step 1: Pre-trip planning

  • Get pre-approval from your manager - check your trip is within your department's budget and risk appetite before undertaking significant effort in planning and booking your travel.
  • Complete an absence on duty form if required.
    Perform initial research on your destination - if it is a sanctioned country please notify Risk & Assurance as soon as practicable
  • Do you intend on undertaking personal travel or your family members on your trip? Ensure you get the appropriate leave approvals and personal travel insurance (if required)

You should consider the following before completing the travel approval form and make necessary logistic arrangements as necessary. Ensure you research your destination through International SOS and familiarise yourself with the guidance.

CategoryKey considerations
EquipmentDo you need additional equipment such as satellite phones / first aid kits?
Are you taking any specialised equipment with you?
How do you intend on getting around at your destination? (e.g. local transport)
Are you transporting hazardous substances?
PeopleDo you have the right expertise on your trip? (e.g. first aider / licences for boating, diving etc)
For group student travel do you have the appropriate supervisor to student ratio?
Are you and your group ‘fit to travel’? (e.g. vaccinations, doctor clearance)
Have you considered whether a communications plan is necessary (i.e. remote locations, lack of phone coverage etc)
ActivityWhat activities are you going to undertake?
Are those activities of higher risk and what do you plan to do mitigate the risk?
Have you considered how you will ensure your's and others health and safety while you are away?
ReviewCheck and organise passports and visas. Ensure your passport is valid for a minimum of 6 months beyond the intended return date. Ensure your passport is in good condition.
Organise relevant immunisations .
Ensure your travel insurance is up to date. 
Familiarise yourself with local requirements (laws, security, emergency assistance)
Register with International SOS (download the application) and if you are an Australian citizen smarttraveller 
For groups, organise a pre-departure briefing
Familarise yourself with what you should do if an emergency arises

Step 2: Approval

Complete the travel risk checklist for all travel and get it approved. Departments within the Faculty of Science and Engineering who use Field Friendly should continue to do so and are not required to complete a travel risk checklist.

Once approved book your travel through the University travel providers, Campus Travel or Business Travel by STA, (remember to check visa requirements first). They can organise airline, car rental and accommodation bookings. All domestic bookings can be completed using the Concur online booking tool.

Approvals should follow the agreed process within your Faculty/Office or the below hierarchy:

You are:

Approval responsibility is with:

Academic and professional staff

Executive Dean/Dean/Head of Office

Executive Deans, Deans, Heads of Office (reporting to Deputy Vice-Chancellor)

Deputy Vice-Chancellor or Chief Operating Officer

Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Chief Operating Officer



Chancellor or Deputy Chancellor

Staff of a controlled entity

Dean/Entity Head

Anyone performing high-risk travel (as identified in the travel approval form)

Vice-Chancellor, via Risk & Assurance assessment

Step 3: Booking Travel and Preferred Suppliers

Macquarie University currently have two preferred Travel Management Companies:

Campus Travel (Domestic and International) and Business Travel by STA (International only).

All domestic and trans tasman trips are able to be booked via the Travel module in Concur.
Concur is used to manage and track business travel (domestic and trans tasman only)

You can also:

  • book and manage airfare, accommodation and car hire services
  • check the status of a flight
  • change and cancel reservations (this does depend on the ticket type that you have booked)

These bookings can be made by a Travel Booker within your Faculty/Office or you can log a One Help Ticket and the Purchasing Team can assist you.

Travel Provider - Domestic

Preferred supplierBook via
Campus Travel

Your Faculty/Office Travel Booker via Concur

Monday to Friday 8.30am - 5.30pm 
Telephone: +61 2  9888 2198

After Hours Emergency Assistance
Telephone: Australia-wide 1300 662 703 or if Overseas +61 7 3170 7823

**Please note this is an emergency service only and a $33 fee per call will apply**

Travel Provider - International

Preferred supplierBook via
Campus Travel

Your Faculty/Office Travel Booker

Monday to Friday 8.30am - 5.30pm 
Telephone: +61 2 9888 2198

After Hours Emergency Assistance
Telephone: Australia-wide 1300 662 703** or if Overseas +61 7 3170 7823**

**Please note this is an emergency service only and a $33 fee per call will apply**

Business Travel by STA

Your Faculty/Office Travel Booker

Monday to Friday 8.30am - 5.30pm 
Telephone: +61 2 9850 8440

Business Travel by STA Contact Sheet

After Hours Emergency Assistance
Telephone: Australia-wide +61 2 9850 8440 or Outside Australia: +61 2 9850 8440 Calling your dedicated Team Phone Number will connect you to after hours assistance, including weekends and public holidays.

Preferred Suppliers for Accommodation, Airlines, Airbnb and Car Hire

For information in regards to our preferred hotels, airbnb, airlines and car hire services please refer to

Step 4: Travelling

Travellers are responsible for ensuring their location is known to the University while undertaking travel.  Travel booked via the University’s TMC’s will automatically record dates and locations and populate iSOS/Travel Tracker.

For conference travel booked outside of the TMC, the Traveller must update the iSOS/Travel Tracker with their itinerary. Failure to provide this information may limit the University’s ability to assist the Traveller in the event of an emergency.

  • Stick to your communications plan and inform relevant individuals if your itinerary changes
  • Keep a travel diary
  • Be safe and stay aware of your environment and local considerations
  • Keep receipts (use the Concur application to take photos of your supporting documentation eg. receipts)

Step 5: Returning

On your return back to the office:

  • Submit your expenses in accordance with the Expenses Policy
  • All claims against the University's Corporate Travel Insurance must be submitted within 30 days of the occurence in accordance with the Insurable Risk Policy


For any feedback on travel, please contact or

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