Travel risk checklist

Travel risk checklist

What is a travel risk checklist? It’s essentially a form that you email with your travel application to ensure that you are safe, understand any risks that may present and that you and the University have actions in place should the need arise.

When do I complete a travel risk checklist?

You need to submit the form at least three weeks prior to your departure for a university trip.

Just fill in the travel risk checklist and submit to your manager/supervisor. Where indicated, also submit to Risk & Assurance.

For further information please see the Travel Risk Hub.

Managers' responsibilities

As the traveller's manager/supervisor, what responsibility do I have?

Your staff/students must have reviewed the risks associated with travel and have implemented controls to eliminate or reduce the risks before you approve the travel.

For overseas you must be assured that your staff /students:

  • are adequately informed about their destination
  • are provided with the necessary instructions in relation to the activities being undertaken
  • have identified potential hazards that may occur in their travel activities and have implemented appropriate control measures to mitigate the potential risk arising from these hazards
  • have appropriate approvals to travel to sanctioned countries
  • have appropriate approvals to travel to high-risk areas
  • have appropriate approvals to perform high-risk activities
  • are appropriately trained and qualified to undertake their activities whilst overseas
  • are insured if taking any equipment or goods valued at $50K
  • have plans in place in case of emergency situations
  • if they have pre-existing medical conditions you should consult with the Health Management Advisor


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