Station upgrade

Station upgrade

From 30 September 2018, train stations between Epping and Chatswood will be closed for around seven months for upgrade ahead of the Sydney Metro Northwest. The Sydney Metro Northwest will open in the first half of 2019 and will provide a better connected, faster and efficient transport link to and from the University.

This means that during the upgrade, Macquarie University, Macquarie Park and North Ryde train stations will be unavailable. Our priority is to help minimise disruption to service delivery and impact on staff and students during this time. There are a number of options available to help you plan your commute to and from the University and manage your work during this period.

Plan your commute

During the station upgrade, Station Link buses will replace trains. Staff who travel to campus will need to rethink and replan their current commute arrangements, regardless of whether they travel by train or not.

You can plan your commute to work by going to Transport for NSW’s dedicated Station Link page that will allow you to plan your trip post 30th September.

For the most up-to-date information about travel to and from campus, refer to Getting to Macquarie.

If you have any additional questions about the Station Upgrade contact Carly Roy at

Manage your work arrangements

We anticipate that in peak hours there will be increased congestion on the roads and it might take longer than normal to get to and from work. To minimise the impact of increased congestion, you may wish to discuss with your manager temporary changes to work arrangements or schedules during the period of station closure.

Examples of changes to work arrangements

  • changing start and finish times to avoid travelling in peak hours (8-9am and 4-6pm)
  • working from home
  • working from another location
  • working from home or another location for part of your day and travel to/from campus outside of the peak
  • some staff may consider annual or long service leave during the period of station closure
  • some staff may also consider temporarily reducing their hours, for example changing from full-time to part-time.

These options are suggestions only and may not suit each work area. They should be considered in the context of business and individual needs, keeping in mind that we are still ‘open for business’ and need to continue to provide services and deliver on our objectives.

It is a good idea to also consider rescheduling some of the work activities, for example plan meetings or events outside of peak hours (10am – 3pm). For a comprehensive list, download Examples of options and solutions during station upgrade.

Requesting changes to work arrangements

Staff who may need temporary adjustments to work arrangements to manage the impact of station upgrade, are encouraged to speak with their manager. Refer to the Flexible Work Policy and Procedure, Employee Guide to Flexible Work and Flexible Work Application Form for more information.

Keep in mind, that these adjustments are for the period of station upgrade and it is expected that staff will revert to business as usual (BAU) work arrangements when the Metro opens. This, however, does not preclude normal flexible work arrangements that staff may already have in place, or requests for other personal reasons (e.g. parenting or carer responsibilities, health reasons, pre-retirement, study, etc.).

Setting yourself up for success – for managers

If your work area is considering changes to work arrangements, such as adjusting start and finish times or working from home as an option during station upgrade, it is important to set staff up well and make sure there is no negative impact on service delivery.

You might find it useful to read about some good practice principles for flexible work – see Manager Guide to Flexible Work and Employee Guide to Flexible Work for more information.

If you are considering working from home or another location, it is particularly important that there is no breakdown in communication and you have access to the required information and systems while working off campus. Refer to Technology for remote working guide for more information.

We encourage managers and staff to work together to find suitable solutions for their work area and make a plan at their team level.

Further information and resources

Information sessions

During August and September there will be information sessions with managers and staff to help plan for expected travel disruption during the station upgrade. The sessions will be coordinated by your HR Client Services Team member.

If you are a manager who was unable to attend these session, please contact your HR Client Services Team for more information. If you are a staff member looking for more information about your options, please speak to your manager.

Toolkits and guides

Managers’ toolkit
Know your landscape - Planning guide for managers
Examples of options and solutions for staff during station upgrade
Flexible Work Policy
Manager Guide to Flexible Work
Employee Guide to Flexible Work
Technology for remote working

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