Travel can be risky. When in a different location many factors can combine making a seemingly normal activity significantly more risk to the traveller. This may be due to differences such as local regulations (such as health and safety laws), local infrastructure (e.g. health, transport) or culture.

The University has obligation to ensure your safety whilst travelling and completing the following will ensure you are adequately prepared for your trip.

Travel procedure

Staff should review standard travel procedure and see the Macquarie University Travel Policy before undertaking travel.

The University supports travel on University approved trips. Before you go there are a couple of things that you need to do:

  • Step 1 Gain approval and plan your trip. If you’re not sure how then check out Travel Planning and Booking.
  • Step 2 Complete a Travel Risk Checklist. Remember if your travel is high risk you need to send this form to Risk and Assurance three weeks before you intend to travel.
  • Step 3 Familiarise yourself with the guidance on what to do in case of travel emergencies.
  • Step 4 If you’re travelling overseas, you need to register with International SOS. If you are unfamiliar with International SOS please check out Travelling Overseas.

You may find travel resources helpful to look at, which provides additional information regarding travelling on behalf of the University.

  • Planning and booking

    The University has a five-step process for planning and booking business travel. This must be completed before you leave.

  • Travel risk checklist

    This form must be submitted to your manager/supervisor to ensure that you take adequate steps to understand any risks.

  • Resources

    Helpful links and resources to help you plan your trip, including the latest Australian Government travel advice.

  • Emergencies

    What to do in case you run into emergencies while on University-related international business travel.

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