Policy Cycle Tips Stage 5 - Publication

Policy Cycle Tips Stage 5 - Publication



Policy Cycle:            

Stage 1:  Approval to Proceed
Stage 2:  Drafting / Writing
Stage 3:  Consultation
Stage 4:  Document Approval
Stage 5:  Publication
Stage 6:  Implementation and Communication
Stage 7:  Evaluation and Review

Now that the document has been quality assured by the Policy Unit and approved by the Approval Authority, it is ready for publication on Policy Central.


Policy Central is the single source for all approved University policy documents.  Documents on Policy Central take precedence over any documents on any other University website.

Only the Policy Unit can publish a document or make amendments to any information on Policy Central. 

Supporting materials for policy documents, such as guidelines, protocols, operating manuals, toolkits, forms, are best published on the web pages of the appropriate area, but they must be linked from the documents on Policy Central.


The Policy Unit will advise the Implementation Officer when the document is ‘live’ so that the Implementation Officer can enact the Implementation and Communication Plan.

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