Policy Cycle Tips Stage 4 - Document Approval

Policy Cycle Tips Stage 4 - Document Approval



Policy Cycle:            

Stage 1:  Approval to Proceed
Stage 2:  Drafting / Writing
Stage 3:  Consultation
Stage 4:  Document Approval
Stage 5:  Publication
Stage 6:  Implementation and Communication
Stage 7:  Evaluation and Review

Following drafting and consultation, the policy document must be submitted, with a completed Document Approval Checklist, to the Policy Unit for quality assurance.  It will then be ready for approval by the relevant Approval Authority. 


The Policy Unit will:

  • proofread and edit the draft for compliance with the Policy Framework Policy and alignment with language in other University governance documents 
  • ensure that relevant consultation has occurred
  • ensure that the Implementation and Communication Plan has been developed
  • manage version controls and web-publishing compliance matters
  • return the document to the Implementation Officer to clarify any questions, for subsequent submission to the Approval Authority.


The Approval Authority will:

  • consider the draft or amended document and the information provided in the Document Approval Checklist and be satisfied that:
    • the document has undergone the necessary process of consultation
    • that the Implementation and Communication Plan is adequate
    • that responsibilities are understood
    • that all related issues, including other documents needing revision, have been addressed, and
    • that the document addresses the reasons for the policy gap.
  • approve the document as ready for publication using the Document Approval Checklist
  • return the approved policy document and the Document Approval Checklist to the Implementation Officer for subsequent publication. 

The Implementation Officer will:

  • forward the completed Document Approval Checklist, the final approved document, and evidence of approval to the Policy Unit policy@mq.edu.au for publication on Policy Central. 


The Policy Unit will publish the document (Tip Stage 5) and the Implementation Officer will enact the Implementation and Communication Plan (Tip Stage 6).

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