Policy toolkit and templates

Policy toolkit and templates


Complete the Approval to proceed (DOC) checklist before drafting begins.

Use the following approved templates:

The following flowchart template is the preferred style to use in Procedures:

To have your policy approved use the Document approval (DOC) checklist.

Policy toolkit

Download complete toolkit as a pdf here




Stage   1
Approval to Proceed

Research reasons for policy gap and identify good   practice responses
Locate existing MQ documents that will be impacted   or that could be amended to address policy gap
Identify any legislative or regulatory requirements
Identify key stakeholders, Implementation officer,   Policy Writer, Policy Project Team and draft consultation strategy
Consult Policy Unit, Delegations of Authority Register, MQ   Compliance Coordinator
Submit Approval   to Proceed Checklist to   relevant Approval   Authority

Approval to Proceed Checklist endorsed

Stage   2
Drafting and Writing

Implementation Officer to establish Policy Project   Team, Policy Writer, Project Plan and Timeframe
Write the document using templates and prepare   flowchart for Procedures
Develop consultation strategy
Draft the Implementation and Communication Plan   (refer Stage 6)
Consider how to evaluate the effectiveness of the   policy e.g. how will “success” or compliance be measured? (refer Stage 7)
MOREINFORMATION   on drafting & writing &   flowchart key shapes

Draft document(s) ready for
wide consultation

Stage   3 Consultation

Consult stakeholders on draft document   to test:

  • principles, responsibilities, actions
  • impact on business systems
  • risk and compliance
  • alignment with other documents and   processes
  • implementation plans
  • procedural flowcharts.

Consolidate all relevant feedback and redraft   document.
Finalise Implementation and Communication Plan and   the Evaluation Strategy
Submit Document   Approval Checklist with draft   document to Policy Unit for Quality   Assurance

Draft documents(s) ready for
Approval Authority

Stage   4
Document Approval

Draft reviewed by Policy Unit for compliance with   Policy Framework Policy
Any comments reconsidered by Implementation Officer
Document   Approval Checklist and draft   document(s) sent to relevant Approval Authority for approval
Policy document and evidence of approval submitted   to Policy Unit for publication

Draft document(s) ready for

Stage 5

Document published on Policy Central
Policy Unit announces new/ amended policy through   Notice in This Week
Policy Unit reports to Council / Executive on new   and substantially revised policy documents

Implementation Plan starts

Stage   6
Implement & Communicate

Implementation Officer enacts Implementation and   Communication Plan - see the Implementation and Communication template.
Implementation Officer establishes ‘Issues Log’ to   inform possible future changes

Gather Evaluation Information

Stage   7
Evaluate & Review

Enact the Evaluation and Review Strategy
Review the document prior to the set review date
Return to Stage 1:  Approval to Proceed

Stage 1 begins

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