Weapons on Campus

Weapons on Campus


The Weapons on Campus Procedure establishes the responsibilities of staff and students when identifying a prohibited weapon on campus, and for obtaining authorisation to carry a prohibited weapon.



To outline responsibilities when identifying a prohibited weapon on campus, and for obtaining authorisation to carry a prohibited weapon.


This procedure requires actions by the following: DEFINITION
Prohibited weapon: any weapon described in the Weapons Prohibition Act 1998 (NSW), Schedule 1.

Staff Member/ Student

Do not approach a person carrying a weapon under any circumstances.

If you find or identify a prohibited weapon on campus, contact Security Services and provide as much identifying information as possible, for example, any of the following:
  • description of weapon
  • if appropriate, details of person carrying weapon, including:
  • age
  • height and weight
  • hair colour
  • ethnicity
  • clothing
  • location
  • building number
  • room number
  • your contact details.
Campus Security Officer

When notified of the presence of a prohibited weapon, contact NSW Police and request assistance.

Staff Member / Student

You may seek approval to carry a prohibited weapon from the Manager, Campus Security. Exemptions may be granted for the following:
  • sporting goods (e.g. archery and fencing equipment) that could be considered dangerous weapons if used inappropriately.
    • These may be brought to or stored on campus provided:
    • the University has approved the activity for which they are to be used in advance, and has allocated an appropriate facility for its conduct, and
    • appropriate, safe and secure storage is available and the equipment is secured within its designated storage space when not in use for the approved purpose, and
    • such equipment is not in the possession of individuals when they are not using it for the approved purpose.
  • domestic utensils and professional tools of trade (e.g. kitchen knives, Stanley knife, nail gun). These are exempt when the tools are used for their professional purposes on University premises by persons who are qualified and authorised to use them.
  • weapons used for religious purposes. These are exempt if a prohibited weapon is required to be for worn for religious observances and if custody complies with the conditions of the “Custody of knife in public place or school” (Section 11C of the Summary Offenses Act, 1988 (NSW).
You may apply in writing for an exemption by:
  • providing sufficient details to enable the Manager, Campus Security to make a reasonable determination
  • including a risk assessment and management strategy (with the exception of requests for exemption on religious grounds).
Manager, Campus Security

Review an application for exemption and approve as appropriate.

Procedure Information

Contact OfficerManager, Health and Safety
Date Approved12 October 2011
Approval Authority

Vice-President People and Services

Date of Commencement12 October 2011
Amendment History

27 March 2020 – Approval Authority updated to Vice-President People and Services in accordance with University Delegations of Authority.

9 August 2019 - Updated Approval Authority from Manager, Health and Safety to Vice-President, University Services and Strategy in accordance with responsibilities per Delegations of Authority Register.

Date for Next ReviewOctober 2014
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