Study for Staff

Study for Staff


The Study for Staff Procedure establishes the purpose and eligibility criteria for Macquarie University employees to participation in the ‘Study for Staff’ program.



‘Study for Staff’ is a program by which staff of Macquarie University may attend lectures at the University, without formal enrolment in a degree program and without undertaking the associated assessment activities. The study is considered part of a staff member’s approved professional development.

Note that attendance at lectures is not recognised as contributing to a formal qualification.

This procedure describes the purpose of, and eligibility for, this program.


This procedure requires actions by the following:

Staff must be currently employed by the University on either a continuing or fixed term (minimum two years) basis.

Staff enrolled in award programs (such as a degree at the University) are excluded from the ‘study for staff’ program for any lectures related to their degree.

This scheme is limited to lectures. Tutorials, field trips, placements and similar are outside scope. Requests to participate in these additional unit activities will be dependent on the needs of the work unit and approval by the Unit Convenor.

Attendance at lectures will not be considered as meeting prerequisite, admission, or degree requirements for any Macquarie University degree. If the staff member wishes to undertake a qualification incorporating the unit, they would need to officially enrol in the unit and complete all unit requirements, including all assessment tasks.

  • A staff member may attend no more than one lecture series per session.
  • The appropriate level of participation in lectures will be determined by the Unit Convenor. Staff who attend under the ‘Study for Staff’ program are not required to complete assessment tasks, including examinations.
  • Staff attending lectures under the ‘Study for Staff’ program will not be officially enrolled in the unit as a student. As such, they will not receive a grade and no academic transcript will be available to be issued.
  • Time for attendance at lectures is regarded as part of staff development and as such is regarded as work time. Any additional study time required is to be undertaken by the staff member in their own time.
  • There is no tuition fee payable by a staff member to attend lectures under the ‘Study for Staff’ program.

Staff Member

Review the unit offerings across the University. Where you believe a unit has career and/or professional development potential, include the details in your annual Performance Development and Review (PDR) development plan. Discuss with your supervisor. Apply, in writing, to your supervisor outlining the benefits of your attendance at the lecture series for the unit.

Where the request is approved by your supervisor, submit this written approval to the Faculty Student Administration Manager for their review.

Supervisor / Manager

Consider the staff member’s request. Check to see if the unit has been identified by the staff member through their PDR as an agreed development activity.

Assess whether attendance at the lectures:
  • will develop skills and/or knowledge that are transferable to the workplace
  • is relevant to the staff member’s current role and the functions they may reasonably be expected to perform, and
  • is relevant to the strategic priorities of the work unit and/or University.
Where the request is approved, provide written approval to the staff member.

Faculty Student Administration Manager

Consider a staff member’s request. In making a recommendation to the Unit Convenor determine:
  • if there is space available in the unit
  • whether the staff member meets unit pre/corequisites.

Submit the recommendation to the Unit Convenor for a final decision.

Where the request is approved:
  • provide written confirmation of approval to the staff member to attend the requested lecture series
  • enter the staff member on the iLearn system as an ‘Observer’ (previously known as unit ‘auditor’) to permit access to the unit lecture materials.
Where the request is not approved, provide brief reasons to the staff member.

Unit Convenor

Consider a staff member’s request to attend lectures.

Determine if appropriate to approve or not. Notify the Faculty Student Administration Manager accordingly.

Where attendance is not considered appropriate, advise the Faculty Student Administration Manager of the reason(s) and ask them to advise the staff member accordingly.

Note that the staff member will attend the lecture series as a unit observer.

Procedure Information

Contact OfficerManager, Organisation and Staff Development
Date Approved12 July 2012
Approval Authority

Vice-President People and Services

Date of Commencement12 July 2012
Amendment History
18 March 2020 – Approval Authority updated to Vice-President People and Services in accordance with University Delegations of Authority.
28 June 2019 - Amendment to position title: ‘Director, Human Resources’ updated to ‘Vice-President, Human Resources’ with effect from 6 June 2019.
Date for Next ReviewJuly 2015
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KeywordsStaff study, professional development
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