Smoke-free Campus

Smoke-free Campus


The Smoke Free Campus Policy establishes the principles that underpin Macquarie University’s commitment to be a smoke-free campus.



To articulate the principles that underpin Macquarie University’s commitment to be a smoke-free campus.


The University is committed to creating the healthiest campus in Australia by 2015. The move towards a Non-Smoking Campus is a clear demonstration of Macquarie University’s desire to be the healthiest campus in Australia.

The University recognises that staff and students have a personal choice to smoke, however, the University also recognises that there is an equal right for staff and students who do not smoke to work and study in an environment that is not polluted by environmental tobacco smoke.

Environmental tobacco smoke poses a significant health risk with overwhelming evidence demonstrating that passive smoking (the inhalation of residual smoke) increases the risk of developing lung cancer, as well as acting as a trigger for other serious medical conditions.

Macquarie University has a duty of care under the Work Health and Safety Act 2011 (NSW) and the Smoke-free Environment Act (NSW) 2000 to provide and maintain a safe working environment and to protect the health of staff and students from illness or injury arising from smoking in the workplace.

The designation of a non-smoking campus is consistent with Australian and NSW Government policy on smoking in educational facilities. It will assist the University to meet its commitments made under the Healthiest Campus by 2015 program and the Sustainability Indicator Framework.

3     SCOPE

This policy applies to all staff, students, visitors and contractors. It covers all Macquarie University campuses, including the North Ryde campus (including all SIBT space), the Sydney City campus; all Macquarie University controlled buildings; and all Macquarie University vehicles (including boats).


Commonly defined terms are located in the University Glossary.


Macquarie University does not provide smoking breaks. Staff, contractors etc choosing to smoke will need to take this time as part of their meal break allowance.

From 1 January 2011, smoking will be prohibited on the main campus of Macquarie University (North Ryde), with the exception of a number of designated and clearly marked smoking areas.

The non-smoking zone will cover all land bounded by the following roads – Macquarie Drive, Balaclava Road; Gymnasium Road (west of the Sports and Aquatic Center), Research Park Drive (east). This includes all open and enclosed areas. Refer to the map.

Smoking is prohibited anywhere on the grounds, or in the buildings, of:

  • Macquarie University Hospital
  • Macquarie University sports fields
  • all other (ie non-North Ryde) Macquarie University campuses
  • any Macquarie University controlled building

Smoking is prohibited in all Macquarie University vehicles, including boats.

Smoking while on field trips, research activities etc, while not encouraged, must not occur within five metres of a work, meal or living environment.

STAGE 2In 2012, a review of this policy resulted in a reduction in the number of designated smoking zones to eight.

In 2015, a review of this policy resulted in a further reduction in the number of designated smoking zones to four.

View the map to show the current smoking zones


Work Health and Safety Act 2011 (NSW)
Smoke-free Environment Act (NSW) 2000


Map showing the current smoking zones

Sustainability Strategy

8     NOTES

Contact Officer

Manager Health and Safety

Implementation Officer

Manager Health and Safety

Approval   Authority / Authorities

Vice-President, University Services and Strategy

Date   Approved

9 August 2010

Date   of Commencement

1 January 2011

Date   for Review

August 2016

Documents Superseded by this Policy

Smoke Free Working Environment   9.01 (OHS)

Amendment   History
8 August 2019 - Updated Approval Authority from Vice-Chancellor to Vice-President, University Services and Strategy in accordance with responsibilities per Delegations of Authority Register.
16 May 2018 - Approval Authority amended from Director, Human Resources to Vice-Chancellor to align with Delegations of Authority Register.

August 2015 – updated timeline and map reference   showing the four designated smoking zones; aligned with new Policy Framework
February 2011 – updated map referenced
August 2010 – Alignment with   University Policy Framework

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