Room Booking

Room Booking


The Room Booking Policy establishes how to book a facility and the priority order in which activities are booked.


PurposeTo describe how to book a facility and the priority order in which activities are booked.


Every year, Property receives thousands of booking requests for a large variety of University and general public activities.

Property aims to book rooms in a fair and equitable way. Activities are therefore  prioritised according to importance  using a documented system in order to be consistent, transparent and as fair as possible in processing booking requests.

Book: to reserve the use of a facility at a specific date and time for a chargeable or no charge activity.

Casual Room Booking: ad-hoc  activities (priority levels 5-11) that are booked after the class timetable is finalized.

Hire: to pay for the use of a facility for a chargeable activity.


This policy applies to:
  • chargeable and no charge activities
  • all staff, students and the general public
  • rooms managed by Property, that is, Centrally Allocated Pool (CAP) rooms and common meeting rooms.
This policy does not apply to:
  • local rooms managed by individual departments (including local teaching rooms and local staff rooms).


Rooms are primarily provided to support University teaching activities.

Rooms are also provided for University administrative, student group and staff activities.

Rooms may also be available on weekends and session breaks to the general public for a limited range of activities.

Property will maintain a schedule of Activity Categories that shows the no charge and chargeable activities.

Class Timetabling
Staff must contact a Faculty Timetabling Officer to timetable their class (priority level 1).

Casual Room Booking
Staff and Campus Life  must use the Web Room Booking system to make and check the status of their Casual Room Bookings.

Student groups and the general public must contact Campus Life directly about their Casual Room Bookings.

All groups making Casual Room Bookings must describe their activity fully or give a detailed reason to support their request.

All groups must allow at least two working days for their Casual Room Booking request to be confirmed by Property.

All bookings are subject to approval by Property.

Centrally Allocated Pool (CAP) Rooms
Activities in CAP rooms will be booked in the following order (where Priority Level 1 is the highest):

1Classes in the standard session timetableTimetabling begins in May/June of the previous year
2Examinations in the standard session timetableOctober of the previous year
2EnrolmentOctober of the previous year
2GraduationOctober of the previous year
2Information and Open daysOctober of the previous year
2Property Building WorksOctober of the previous year
3Summer School, Weekend Classes, Term Break TeachingNovember of the previous year
4Extra curricula activities (eg Peer Assisted Learning) /Staff Development activitiesDecember of the previous year
4Marketing events - official MQ activitiesDecember of the previous year
4Alumni events - official MQ activitiesDecember of the previous year
4Advancement events - official MQ activitiesDecember of the previous year
4Vice Chancellor's Office eventsDecember of the previous year
5Staff -  Administrative ActivitiesAfter Week 2 of each session
6Student Club meetings (registered with U@MQ)After Week 2 of each session
7MQ  conferences, seminarsAfter Week 2 of each session
8Marketing Partner School events - non MQ activitiesAfter Week 2 of each session
8Advancement Industry Partner events – non-MQ activitiesAfter Week 2 of each session
9Students with approved research or filming assignmentsAfter Week 2 of each session
10 Non-MQ academic conferences, seminars (eg History Teachers’ ConferenceAfter Week 2 of each session
11 All other non-MQ activities booked by the general public and approved by PropertyAfter Week 2 of each session
Note the following:
  • major activities ranked 1 – 4 in the      list above will be timetabled in order of priority group
  • all other activities ranked 5 – 10      will be booked on a first-come, first-served basis, but only after week 2      of each session
  • requests for activities ranked 5 – 10 can      be submitted before week 2 of each session, but will only be confirmed      after week 2. This is to allow for any additional classes that need to be      timetabled following an increase or change in enrolment
  • long range bookings for activities      ranked 5 – 10 will only be confirmed after week 3 of the session that they      are booked in. For example – a University conference scheduled to run in      October that was requested in March cannot be confirmed until the Session      2 Timetable is      finalised.
  • a higher ranked activity will not take      priority over a lower ranked activity that has already been booked. For      example – an Alumni event requested in Week 7 cannot displace a booking      for a Student Group confirmed in Week 3.
  • if the preferred room or time is not      available, Property will attempt to find an alternative.
  • individual students are only allowed      to book rooms for the following purposes and will need approval from their      supervisor:
    • conducting interviews or surveys as       part of a research project
    • filming or recording as part of an       approved media project
  • staff can book CAP      rooms for administrative activities, but are subject to the priority      listing above.

Common Meeting Rooms (non-CAP rooms)

1Staff –Administrative Activities Anytime
Note the following:
  • only staff      are permitted to book Common Meeting Rooms
  • only no charge      activities are allowed in these rooms
  • rooms will      be booked on a first-come, first-served basis
  • rooms are      not subject to the priority listing of CAP rooms
  • activities      already booked in rooms will not be required to make way for higher      priority activities.
COMPLIANCE AND BREACHES The University may commence applicable disciplinary procedures if a person to whom this policy applies breaches this policy (or any of its related procedures).

Policy Information

Contact OfficerManager, Planning Services, Macquarie University Property
Date Approved9 May 2011
Approval Authority

Vice-President, University Services and Strategy

Date of Commencement9 May 2011
Amendment History

15 August 2019 – Updated Approval Authority from Chief Operating Officer and Deputy Vice-Chancellor to Vice-President, University Services and Strategy in accordance with responsibilities per Delegations of Authority Register.

29 May 2017 - update Approval Authority from Deputy Vice-Chancellor and Chief Operating Officer to Chief Operating Officer and Deputy Vice-Chancellor.
November 2011 – clarification of booking vs hiring; name change; definitions added.
January 2011 – added booking activity and priority (9) for students    with approved research or filming assignments

Date for Next ReviewJanuary 2014
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