Recruitment, Selection and Appointment

Recruitment, Selection and Appointment


The Recruitment, Selection and Appointment Policy establishes Macquarie University's approach to staff recruitment, selection and appointment.


PurposeTo specify the requirements for staff recruitment, selection and appointment.


The University seeks to attract staff of the highest standard. It will recruit appropriately skilled and qualified staff who can perform the job requirements and make a positive contribution to the University’s objectives, values and culture.

The University will seek a diverse staffing profile, and recruitment, selection and appointment processes will be professional, transparent and timely.

Appointment by Conversion: where a fixed-term or casual staff member may apply to have their position converted to continuing or fixed term employment. This is only applicable in certain circumstances in accordance with the relevant Macquarie University Enterprise Agreement.

Direct Appointment: an appointment where a competitive selection process is not undertaken. This is only applicable in the following circumstances:
  • fixed-term appointments of up to twenty-four months
  • casual appointments of up to twenty-four months
  • fixed-term grant funded appointments determined by the granting body, such as the Australian Research Council  or Australian Learning and Teaching Committee
  • where it is part of a staff member's return to work program
  • where a staff member is redeployed or transferred to a comparable position to mitigate the effects of workplace   change in accordance with the relevant Macquarie University Enterprise Agreement
  • where a candidate has been deemed appointable through a competitive selection process but was not appointed and the same role or a similar role becomes vacant in the following twelve months
  • a role that requires a highly specialised skill set which does not exist in the University, including the ability to take advantage of the opportunity to engage eminent academics or professionals.
Competitive Selection: where a position has been advertised at least internally and all steps of the recruitment and selection process applied to the appointment.


This policy applies to all Macquarie University staff involved in the recruitment, selection and appointment of staff.  This policy applies in conjunction with the Recruitment and Selection Toolkit.

It will be of particular relevance to all continuing and fixed-term Academic and Professional staff positions.


Position Description
A Position Description will be prepared for continuing and fixed-term Professional staff, and a Task Description for casual Professional staff, prior to advertising a position.

A Position Description is not required for Academic positions.

Human Resources will evaluate all Position Descriptions.

Selection Criteria
Supervisors will develop Selection Criteria prior to advertising a position.

Continuing and fixed-term positions will be advertised internally via the University’s online recruitment system.  Positions may also be advertised externally.

Direct Appointments do not need to be advertised.

If the Position Description, Task Description or Selection Criteria are altered after a position is advertised, the position must be re-advertised.

Late Applications
Late applications will not be accepted.

Selection Committee
Supervisors will appoint a diverse Selection Committee as prescribed in the Recruitment and Selection Toolkit.

A Selection Committee will assess applicants according to the skills, experience, knowledge, qualifications and attributes required for competent performance.

A Selection Committee will maintain confidentiality and avoid conflict of interest during the selection process.

A Selection Committee will conduct interviews, including second interviews where required.

Additional Selection Methods
A Selection Committee will apply the same selection processes to all applicants. Selection methods are prescribed in the Recruitment and Selection Toolkit.

Selection Decision
A Selection Committee will recommend an applicant based on the specific Selection Criteria.

A minority report may be prepared where there is not agreement with a majority decision.

The University must obtain at least two confidential verbal (or, in limited circumstances, written) referees’ reports for all continuing and fixed-term appointments of greater than 24 months.

The University may seek a confidential referee report from supervisors of applicants who are currently or have previously been employed at Macquarie University.

Selection Committee members may only act as referees for applicants with approval of the Head of Office/Faculty.

The University may check the authenticity of qualifications. Offers of employment may be subject to the verification of qualifications.

Criminal Record Checks
The University may conduct a criminal record check for:
  • positions which have a financial delegation of more than $100,000
  • all roles in Finance
  • all roles in Human Resources
  • a position for which the Director, Human Resources (or their nominated delegate) deems it reasonable and necessary for the inherent requirements of the position.

A criminal check is separate from a Working with Children Check, which is a requirement for child-related employment.

A criminal record will only preclude an individual from employment when the nature of the record prevents the individual from meeting the inherent requirements of the position.

An individual's criminal record information will not be disclosed to any person(s) not directly involved in administering the criminal record check or determining the individual's suitability for employment. This information will not be disclosed to third parties external to the University.  Disciplinary action may be taken against a staff member who discloses criminal history information to unauthorised people.

The base salary for all Academic and Professional staff appointments should be Step 1 of the applicable academic level or evaluated HEW level in accordance with the relevant Macquarie University Enterprise Agreement.

Making an Employment Offer
A supervisor may contact the recommended applicant to advise that they can expect an offer of employment from Human Resources.

A supervisor may negotiate specific terms and conditions with the applicant as specified in the Recruitment and Selection Toolkit.

Human Resources will provide a formal Letter of Offer to a successful applicant.

Direct Appointment or Appointment by Conversion
Employment may be by Direct Appointment in accordance with this policy or Appointment by Conversion in accordance with the relevant Macquarie University Enterprise Agreement.

Notification and Feedback
A supervisor should notify unsuccessful applicants and provide them with feedback upon request.

An internal staff member may appeal against a recruitment and selection decision using grounds referenced in the relevant Macquarie University Enterprise Agreement.

False Statements
The University may rescind an offer of employment to an applicant who has provided false or misleading information during the selection process. This rescission of offer may occur at any time, including the time after an applicant has commenced in the role.

Human Resources will retain recruitment and selection documentation for a period of twelve months after the date of appointment approval.

The University may commence applicable disciplinary procedures if a person to whom this policy applies breaches this policy (or any of its related procedures).

Policy Information

Contact OfficerManager, Strategic Resourcing and Talent, Human Resources
Date Approved12 February 2012
Approval AuthorityDirector, Human Resources
Date of Commencement12 February 2012
Amendment HistoryNovember 2011 – updated with requirement for qualifications and criminal record check, reference checking, and compliance and breaches statement
September 2010 – alignment with University Policy Framework
Date for Next ReviewFebruary 2015
Related DocumentsPosition Classification Policy / Procedure
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Recruitment  Toolkit
Policies / Rules Superseded by This PolicyRecruitment, Selection and Appointment Policy approved 24 August 2010
KeywordsRecruitment, Selection, Appointment, Committee, Conversion
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