Position Titles

Position Titles


The Position Titles Schedule details preferred position titles to ensure consistency in the application of position titles across the University, and that the title accurately reflects the role.



This schedule details the position titles in accordance with the preferred practices of Macquarie University.

Use of the preferred position titles will ensure consistency in the application of position titles across the University, and that the title accurately reflects the role.



A position title describes the nature and level of the position. When developing position titles:
  • avoid inflating titles
  • use shorter concise titles
  • ensure titles are consistent with the principles of equity and fairness across the University.

Position titles are entered on the Human Resources Information System and on any documentation for the position, eg employment contract, email signature, business card, and staff directory pages.

It may be necessary for a position title to be amended at the time of advertising to attract the right candidate pool, in which case the Position Description must also be amended for consistency purposes.

For requests for a change to a position title complete the Position Classification Review Request Form and send to Human Resources.

For requests for new position titles outside of this schedule, contact Employee Relations.


Academic Title
For academic positions, assign one of the following titles to the position:
  • Associate Lecturer (Academic Level A)
  • Lecturer (Academic Level B)
  • Senior Lecturer (Academic Level C)
  • Associate Professor (Academic Level D)
  • Professor (Academic Level E)

For research academic positions, Research Fellow is the title used for all academics (i.e. Academic Levels A to E). The title of Postdoctoral Research Fellow may also be used at the discretion of the Faculty.

The Vice-Chancellor or Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic) may grant staff the title Professorial Fellow, for a period of time. Eligible staff will have demonstrated a high level of scholarship in a field and are expected to apply for professorship. Alternatively, the title may be applied where required for the staff member to represent the University at an appropriate level.

Professorial Research Fellow indicates that the position is primarily grant funded and is dependent on grant funding.

There are also academic position titles associated with the research grant and examples include:
  • Australian Research Council (ARC) Australian Professorial Fellow (Academic Level E)
  • Australian Research Council (ARC) Australian Research Fellow (Academic Levels C and D)
Academic Management/Supervisory Positions
There are position titles that are associated with specific academic management positions. These position titles are in addition to the assigned academic title. These include:
  • Executive Dean
  • Dean
  • Associate Dean
  • Head of Department
  • Centre Director
  • Executive Dean, Faculty of Human Sciences
  • Head, Department of Biological Sciences
  • Director, Centre for Cognitive Science

Local Title
To ensure that the position title is relevant and descriptive for the area in which the academic staff member specialises, a local title must also be allocated to the position.

  • Professor, Actuarial Studies
  • Senior Lecturer, Linguistics


Professional Title
The preferred terminology for professional positions throughout the University are:
  • Assistant (generally for HEW Levels 1-4 positions)
  • Coordinator (generally for HEW Levels 5-7 positions)
  • Officer (generally for HEW Levels 5-9 positions)
  • Consultant (generally for HEW Levels 7-9 positions).

The term “Senior” may be used at the beginning of a title for higher level positions (HEW Levels 8 – 9).

Generally, positions with the same title across the University will be the same classification level for equity and fairness. However, there may be instances where positions have the same or similar position titles and be at different classification levels. The classification level is determined at the time the position is evaluated according to the content of the position description not   the position title.

The University also allocates job specific position titles for consistency purposes, examples of these include:
  • Departmental Administrative Officer
  • Executive Assistant
  • Faculty General Manager
  • Faculty Finance Manager
  • Faculty Human Resources Manager
  • Faculty Research Manager
  • Personal Assistant
Professional Management/Supervisory Positions
There are position titles that are associated with specific professional management positions:
  • Director
  • Manager
  • Team Leader or Supervisor

These titles are only used if the position is responsible for an Office/Unit or function and   the management/supervision of people.

  • Head of Office positions begin with Director e.g. Director, Property
  • The head of a Unit within an Office begins with Manager eg Manager, Employee Relations
  • The head of a function within a Unit begins with Team Leader, eg Team Leader, Field Support, or ends with Supervisor, eg Service Desk Shift Supervisor.

Local Title
To ensure that the position title is relevant and descriptive for the area in which a professional staff member specialises, a local title may also be allocated to the position.

  • Accounts Payable Officer
  • Budget Officer
  • Business Analyst
  • Business Development Manager
  • Director, Sustainability
  • Events Officer
  • Finance  Officer
  • Graphic Designer
  • Higher Degree Research Officer
  • IT Support Officer
  • Marketing Coordinator
  • Manager, Publications
  • Project Officer
  • Project Manager
  • Research Assistant
  • System Administrator

The following position   titles are limited to specific positions and require approval of Vice-Chancellor   (or delegate):

Position TitleLimitation
Academic Director – Macquarie City CampusLimited to one position.
Associate DeanLimited to identified academic management positions.
Chief Financial OfficerLimited to the head of the Office of Financial Services and member of the Executive Group.
Chief Operating OfficerLimited to one senior management position and member of the Executive Group.
DeanLimited to two academic management positions.
DeputyLimited to positions that are second in charge to a Head of Office.
Deputy Vice-ChancellorLimited to the head of a portfolio and member of the Executive Group.
DirectorLimited to Head of Office positions.
DoctorLimited to staff members  who have received a doctorate (PhD), are a medical doctor, or if it is a convention used in a profession.
Executive DeanLimited to Head of Faculty positions.
Executive DirectorLimited to positions where one or more Heads of Offices report to this position.
Executive ManagerIt is recommended that this title is not used in the future.
Executive OfficerLimited to positions directly reporting to a member of the Senior Management Group.
Head of DepartmentLimited to head of Faculty Departmental positions.
Pro Vice-ChancellorLimited to specific senior academic management positions.
Honorary, Visiting and Clinical Academic, Emeritus, and Distinguished Professors Titles
Titles for Honorary, Visiting and Clinical Academics, Emeritus, and Distinguished Professors are covered by separate policies and procedures.

Schedule Information

Contact OfficerSenior Employee Relations Officer, Human Resources
Date Approved12 March 2012
Approval Authority

Vice-President People and Services

Date of Commencement12 March 2012
Amendment History
17 March 2020 – Approval Authority updated to Vice-President People and Services in accordance with University Delegations of Authority.
6 August 2019 - Minor amendment: the Example of a Professional Staff Head of Office Director position updated.
13 June 2019 - Amendment to position title: ‘Director, Human Resources’ updated to ‘Vice-President, Human Resources’ with effect from 6 June 2019.
16 October 2018 - Minor amendment to position title for Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic) – removing ‘and Registrar’ from title within Schedule.
8 December 2017 - Updated reference for Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Provost) to Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic) and Registrar.
25 May 2017 - updated Approval Authority from Manager, Employee Relations to Director, Human Resources
January 2013 - alignment   with University Policy Framework
Date for Next ReviewMarch 2015
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Policy AuthorisationPosition Classification for Professional Staff Policy
Recruitment, Selection and Appointment Policy
Academic Promotions Policy

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