Performance Development and Review

Performance Development and Review


The Performance Development and Review Policy establishes the University's requirements for defining, evaluating and developing the    performance of academic and professional staff. The Procedure provides further information on the Performance Development and Review (PDR) steps for staff.


PurposeTo specify the requirements for defining, evaluating and developing the performance of academic and professional staff.


Macquarie University recognises that the achievement of the University’s strategic direction depends on the    performance and contribution of all staff.

Performance Development and Review (PDR) is a transparent system which encourages and develops staff to perform their roles and achieve their work and career goals.

Performance Development Review aims to:
  • align individual and organisational goals
  • ensure staff know what is expected of them in their role and how their performance  will be evaluated
  • provide opportunities to receive feedback and coaching on performance and work-related         issues
  • facilitate development through discussing learning goals, career aspirations and establishing individual development plans
  • inform performance based reward and recognition structures.
The key principles upon which this policy is based are:
  • clarity with respect to roles and responsibilities
  • recognition of staff achievements
  • commitment to the development of staff potential
  • fairness, transparency, equity and confidentiality
  • effective strategic and operational planning
  • commitment to quality enhancement and  a culture of continuous improvement which is based on review and reflective learning.
Performance Development Review is linked to a number of career development, reward and recognition processes, including incremental progression, payment of bonuses, probationary reviews, secondment between departments, outside studies program, learning and teaching awards, internal grants and promotion.


This policy applies to all staff employed under the Macquarie University Enterprise Agreement, including continuing and fixed-term staff.


The University will:
  • provide appropriate resources to promote the development of individuals in accordance with the University’s strategic goals and Human Resources policies
  • establish consistent performance management practices with performance planning, regular informal performance feedback and at least one formal performance review each year
  • maintain confidentiality of performance discussions and documentation.
Senior Management will:
  • develop and communicate their area’s goals, priorities and performance indicators
  • provide leadership and commitment to performance management
  • ensure all supervisory staff are trained and competent in performance management processes and techniques.
Supervisory staff will:
  • assist staff to develop individual performance and development plans which document goals and       performance expectations
  • approve staff performance and development plans, ensuring they are aligned with strategic and       operational needs
  • manage the performance of all staff in accordance with this policy and the associated procedure.
All staff members:
  • are expected to understand how their role contributes to the achievement of the University’s objectives
  • will participate in both ongoing self review and discussions with supervisors regarding performance goals and outcomes.
Human Resources will:
  • develop and maintain the PDR  Policy and Procedure in consultation with the University community
  • ensure appropriate training,  systems and information on PDR is available to enable active participation in  the process
  • monitor completion rates and undertake audit and compliance checks.
COMPLIANCE AND BREACHES The University may commence applicable disciplinary procedures if a person to whom this policy applies breaches this policy (or any of its related procedures).

Policy Information

Contact OfficerManager, Organisation and Staff Development
Date Approved16 September 2008
Approval AuthorityVice-President, Human Resources
Date of Commencement1 October 2009
Amendment History
13 June 2019 - Amendment to position title: ‘Director, Human Resources’ updated to ‘Vice-President, Human Resources’ with effect from 6 June 2019.
November 2014 – updated wording in ‘overview’ section.
February 2012 – updated to align with online PDR system
December 2011 – updated with Compliances and Breaches statementApril 2010 – alignment with the University Policy Framework
Date for Next ReviewOctober 2012
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Performance Development and Review (Revised 20 November 2007)

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PurposeTo document Performance Development and Review (PDR) steps.


This procedure requires actions by the following:

PDR is conducted throughout the year. It involves:

  • planning and setting objectives
  • reviewing progress and providing feedback
  • conducting a performance review


Provide staff with information on the Faculty / Department/ Office plans for the coming year.

Discuss and agree the objectives, performance indicators and learning and development plans with the staff member and ensure these are loaded into the online PDR system.

Review and approve a staff member’s PDR objectives, performance indicators and development plans.

Have regular discussions with a staff member to review progress and provide feedback on their performance. In these discussions:

  • review any issues relating to the staff member’s workload
  • document achievements and milestones reached
  • document any unplanned objectives and/or changes to current objectives along with relevant changes to original performance indicators if required
  • determine whether the staff member is likely to achieve performance objectives and, where possible, resolve barriers to achievement
  • identify and plan ways to address learning and development needs
  • provide constructive feedback.

Provide coaching and developmental support.

Provide timely feedback regarding:

  • good/high performance
  • poor performance, and development/actions required to achieve desired results and ultimate consequences if not met.


Prepare for the end-of-year PDR discussion by reviewing and preparing feedback on the staff member’s performance and learning and development objectives.

Meet the staff member to review and evaluate his or her performance during the year and ensure this is captured in the online PDR system.

Where an end-of-year performance rating is required, and there are ratings in a work area from more than one supervisor, the Head of Office or Head of Department may conduct a moderation process to ensure ratings are applied consistently. If required, participate in a moderation process after which you advise staff of his or her performance rating.

If a staff member requests a review by higher-level staff, refer the PDR and other documentation to the next supervisory level for review.

If you are the next-level supervisor, meet with the staff member before making a determination. If you cannot resolve the matter and the staff member considers there are issues of bias, direct or indirect discrimination on grounds as identified in the Discrimination and Harassment Prevention Policy, then refer the matter to the Vice-President, Human Resources or Director, Equity and Diversity for investigation.


Staff Member


Refer to the PDR website for information on the process and how to use the online system.

Prepare or review initial performance objectives, learning and development plans and performance expectations and discuss these with your supervisor.

Relevant information may include (but is not limited to):

  • the Position Description
  • the strategic objectives of the University/ Faculty/ Office/ Department
  • operational objectives for your work area
  • workload models
  • academic promotional criteria.

You can get this information from your supervisor.

Ensure your objectives and learning and development plan are captured in the online PDR system and submitted to your supervisor to review and approve.


Document achievements, milestones and any unplanned objectives in your online PDR journal.

Discuss your progress and outcomes regularly with your supervisor and seek feedback and support as needed to achieve your objectives and development goals.


Prepare for the end-of-year PDR discussion by reviewing your performance and learning and development objectives and evaluating your achievements and progress.

Meet with your supervisor to review and evaluate your performance during the year.

Update your online PDR and submit it to your supervisor for review.


If you do not agree with the objectives or outcomes of the PDR, you can request a review by higher-level staff, providing relevant supplementary information for review and final determination.


HR Client Manager Resources / HR Advisor

Provide the first line of support for PDR enquiries.

Track PDR completion rates.

Report PDR completion rates to higher-level supervisors and to the Dean/Head of Office.

Where moderation is used, co-ordinate the process.
Organisation and Staff Development Unit

Track and report PDR completion rates as appropriate.

Ensure information and support on the PDR system and process is provided to staff.

In the case of a bias/discrimination review, ensure all documentation relating to the review is placed in the relevant staff file.
Vice-President, Human Resources / Director, Equity and Diversity

Investigate and decide any matters relating to bias or discrimination referred for review.

Procedure Information

Contact OfficerManager, Organisation and Staff Development
Date Approved16 September 2008
Approval AuthorityVice-President, Human Resources
Date of Commencement1 October 2009
Amendment History
13 June 2019 - Amendment to position title: ‘Director, Human Resources’ updated to ‘Vice-President, Human Resources’ with effect from 6 June 2019.
June 2013 – updated terminology and removed steps involved during probationary period
February 2013 – updated requirement for supervisors to use paper-based PDR process for probationary appointments
February 2012 – updated to align with the online PDR system
April 2010 – Alignment with University Policy Framework
Date for Next ReviewOctober 2012
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