PACE: Managing Other Commitments

PACE: Managing Other Commitments


The PACE: Managing Other Commitments Procedure establishes the actions and responsibilities required when a student undertaking a PACE activity seeks reasonable accommodation for an absence from or other disruption to another unit.



To outline the actions and responsibilities required when a student undertaking a PACE activity seeks reasonable accommodation for an absence from or other disruption to another unit.

PACE units require completion of an experiential component – the PACE activity. This is an academic requirement and it is contingent on the University to ensure appropriate arrangements are in place so that students can undertake such activities, without a significant impact on their other studies.

2     SCOPE

All members of the University Community involved in PACE activities.


Commonly defined terms are located in the University Glossary


This procedure requires actions by the following:

  • Head of Department
  • Student
  • Unit Convenor

Consider Commitments
If considering enrolment in a PACE unit:

  • read the Unit Guide for the PACE unit and any other units to be attempted in the same session
  • identify the time and workload requirements for each enrolled unit, or proposed enrolled unit
  • recognise the need to organise and manage circumstances to ensure there is sufficient time available to meet each unit’s requirements
  • recognise that to meet the academic requirements of a PACE Unit there will be an experiential component that may involve a block time commitment
  • acknowledge that it might not be possible to attempt all intended units within the one session due to the experiential component of the PACE unit
  • if it is not feasible to accommodate all unit requirements simultaneously, consider withdrawing from one or more units by the University’s withdrawal deadline and in accordance with the Withdrawal & Discontinuance Policy.

Request Reasonable Accommodation
Where a PACE activity entails commitments that are likely to conflict with the attendance requirements and/or assessment deadlines of one or more other units:

  • contact the relevant Unit Convenor(s) of those units to request reasonable accommodation. This is to be done as soon as the potential conflicts are identified, and in all cases in advance of commencing the PACE activity.
  • provide the Unit Convenor(s) with details of the:
    • conflict or potential conflict
    • efforts undertaken to resolve the conflict, and
    • potential solutions (see below)
  • arrange your schedule in a manageable way as soon as you become aware of the requirements of the PACE activity
  • acknowledge that it is too late after commencing a PACE activity to decide there is a problem with timing / workload.

Request for Reconsideration
Where you can demonstrate that reasonable accommodation has not been appropriately provided, document your reasons and seek a reconsideration of your request by the Head of the Department in which the unit is offered.

Note that the decision of the Head of Department will be final.

Consider Request for Reasonable Accommodation
Following a request for reasonable accommodation from a student undertaking a PACE activity:

  • confirm the details of the PACE activity
  • review the student submission to identify the details of the conflict, the steps undertaken by the student to resolve it and proposed solutions
  • where the request is justified, provide an appropriate reasonable accommodation, which could include one or more of the following:
    • enabling early submission of one or more assessment tasks
    • allowing an extension of time to submit one or more assessment tasks
    • considering alternatives to attendance at an on campus session or other learning and teaching activity
    • providing learning materials in alternative formats
    • permission to sit a supplementary examination
    • allocating an Incomplete (I) to allow an extension of time to complete the unit.

Where you receive a request from a student for a review of a unit convenor’s decision regarding reasonable accommodation:

  • obtain reasons for the decision from the unit convenor
  • consider the submission from the student
  • make a decision
  • advise the student and unit convenor of the outcome.



Withdrawal and Discontinuance Policy
Withdrawal Without Penalty (Coursework) Procedure
PACE website


7.1Contact Officer PACE Academic and Programs Director
7.2Implementation Officer PACE Academic and Programs Director
7.3Approval Authority / AuthoritiesSenate Learning & Teaching Committee
7.4Date Approved 9 February 2015
7.5Date of Commencement 9 February 2015
7.6Date for Review February 2018
7.7Documents Superseded by this ProcedureParticipation Activity (Disruption) Procedure approved 30 November 2011
7.8Amendment History n/a

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