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Open Access


The Open Access Policy establishes the principles that underpin the University’s approach to providing equitable, world-wide access to the scholarly and research output of Macquarie University.


PurposeTo provide equitable, world-wide access to the scholarly and research output of Macquarie University.


Scholarly research is one of Macquarie’s most important contributions to society. The free exchange of information is a bedrock academic value, one that is supported by taking an open access approach to the dissemination of the outputs of scholarship and research. An open access approach means that these outputs are made available online and world-wide, free of charge and free of most other access restrictions. This approach supports the fundamental principles of the Macquarie University Ethics Statement and the Senate Statement on Academic Freedom.

The open access approach also enables Macquarie University authors to meet the requirements of funding bodies, e.g. Australian Research Council and National Health and Medical Research Council, to make the results of their research publicly accessible.

The outputs of scholarship and research are collected as part of the University’s research management processes. These outputs will now be stored and made accessible through the Macquarie University Digital Repository Macquarie University ResearchOnline.  In addition to maximising access to Macquarie research, this policy also supports more effective storage of these outputs in perpetuity and assists in promoting Macquarie’s research around the world.


The policy will apply to all research or scholarly manuscripts written while the author is a staff member of Macquarie University, except for: those outputs completed before the adoption of this policy, and those for which the author has entered into an incompatible licensing or assignment agreement.


All refereed, revised, final draft research manuscripts will be deposited in the Macquarie University Digital Repository after their acceptance for publication. Books or chapters in books may be self-archived at the author’s discretion.

These manuscripts will be made open access, available to anyone on the Internet, except where this is restricted by publisher policy.

The publisher version will be the version made publicly available in the Macquarie University Digital Repository where there is agreement from the publisher for this version to be made open access.

Where a publisher embargo or other conditions exist that restrict open access, the Macquarie University Digital Repository will comply with any embargo or restrictions before making the manuscript available by open access.

Depositing the material in the Macquarie University Digital Repository does not transfer copyright to the Repository. Copyright remains with the author or publisher as per the publishing agreement.

The Macquarie University Digital Repository will not alter the material except as allowed under law to:
  • reproduce, electronically communicate and distribute the open access copy, including any open access copies of the publisher version of the specified work(s), online ,for free and for non–commercial use
  • make more than one copy of the work(s) for the purposes of security, back-up and preservation.
COMPLIANCE AND BREACHES The University may commence applicable disciplinary procedures if a person to whom this policy applies breaches this policy (or any of its related procedures).

Policy Information

Contact OfficerVice-Chancellor
Date Approved27 August 2008
Approval AuthorityUniversity Council
Date of Commencement27 August 2008
Amendment History13 October 2014- updated ResearchOnline url
December 2011 – updated with Compliances and Breaches statement
March 2009 alignment with University Policy Framework
Date for Next ReviewAugust 2011
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KeywordsOpen access, scholarly outputs; research outputs
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