Naming Rights for University Chairs (Donation or Sponsorship)

Naming Rights for University Chairs (Donation or Sponsorship)


The Naming Rights for University Chairs (Donation or Sponsorship) Policy establishes the University's principles for securing funding from individuals, companies, foundations or other organisations (‘donors’ or ‘sponsors’) for University Chairs and establishing agreements with these donors or sponsors to name University Chairs.



To specify the principles for securing funding from individuals, companies, foundations or other organisations (‘donors’ or ‘sponsors’) for University Chairs and establishing agreements with these donors or sponsors to name University Chairs.


The principles underlying Macquarie University facility naming rights are:
  • recognition is given only in exceptional circumstances and to outstanding contributions
  • recognition is relative to the significance of the facility being named
  • the naming of a facility or academic position in honour of a living or deceased individual, corporation, foundation or organisation is one of the highest distinctions the University can bestow.

Donor: any person or organisation making a donation or donation in-kind to the University.  Donors include students, alumni, friends, trusts, foundations, corporations, government bodies or non-government organisations.  The gift is a donation if the only recognition or benefit given in return is a public acknowledgement of the gift.

Sponsorship: funding in which the Sponsor receives material benefit such as right to a public association with an activity, item, person or property of the University.  Sponsorship typically takes the form of a business agreement on, for example, naming rights or co-branding for the money or services provided.


The policy applies across the University.  It relates only to Chairs which are named as a result of donations or sponsorship.  The University may also choose to name Chairs for other reasons including, for example, to commemorate distinguished former academics.

The policy does not apply to naming of buildings, which is covered by a separate policy.


Strategic Direction
The final authority for determining all matters to do with the naming of a University Chair is the University Council on the advice of the Vice-Chancellor.

The University Council will establish a new Chair or accept funding for an existing Chair, only if this is consistent with the University’s strategic direction.

A Chair can be funded by an endowment in perpetuity or for a specified period.

In general, an agreement to fund the full or majority cost of the Chair should come from the donor or sponsor before naming rights are considered.

Payment can be made either as a lump sum or at agreed intervals.

It would be usual for the name to be removed from the Chair if payments cease.

The University will decide on the name of the Chair, after consultation with the donor or sponsor.  The name, which may be that of the donor or a family member or of the company or foundation, will be appropriate to the position.

The University will appoint the Chair’s occupant in accordance with the policies and procedures of the University.

Academic Freedom
The Chair’s occupant:
  • will have academic freedom in accordance with the University’s Statement on Academic Freedom; and
  • will not be required to endorse any of the sponsor’s products or services.

Agreements with sponsors may establish the terms under which the occupant of a sponsored Chair might participate in joint activities with the sponsor; for example, to publicise research findings.

Reputational Risk
The University Council reserves the right to discontinue the Chair at any time for any reason.

In cases of sponsorship, the University may agree to acknowledge the partnership by using the sponsor’s corporate logo where appropriate.

The University will, with permission of the donor or sponsor, acknowledge gifts in reports or publications.

The University will respect requests for anonymity.

COMPLIANCE AND BREACHESThe University may commence applicable disciplinary procedures if a person to whom this policy applies breaches this policy (or any of its related procedures).

Policy Information

Contact OfficerDirector, Institutional Advancement
Date Approved21 April 2010
Approval AuthorityUniversity Council: Resolution 10/18
Date of Commencement21 April 2010
Amendment HistoryDecember 2011 – updated with Compliances and Breaches statement
Date for Next ReviewApril 2013
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