Higher Degree Research Offsite Research (Continuing)

Higher Degree Research Offsite Research (Continuing)


The Higher Degree Research Offsite Research (Continuing) Procedure establishes the steps required to ensure approval is obtained for any Offsite Research (OSR) for a continuing Higher Degree Research (HDR) candidate, specifically where a candidate intends to undertake research such as fieldwork, data collection or conference attendance Offsite; and continuing research Offsite.



To outline the steps required to ensure approval is obtained for any Offsite Research (OSR) for an enrolled Higher Degree Research (HDR) candidate. 

To ensure all external and internal obligations are met for supervision and candidature management, the University reserves the right to approve all research undertaken away from campus. These locations are referred to as Offsite Locations and may be in Australia or overseas but are subject to approval by the Principal Supervisor.

Internal mode of attendance, as defined by the Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations (DEEWR), includes the situation where a student is undertaking a higher degree unit of study for which regular attendance is not required, but where the student attends the University on an agreed schedule for the purposes of supervision and/or instruction.

Internal mode of attendance for HDR enrolment at Macquarie University:
  • is recorded (except for designated distance programs such as the Doctor of Professional Communication and the Doctor of Applied Linguistics)
  • requires that a candidate and supervisor will meet or have frequent contact, which may be online, on an agreed schedule during candidature
  • requires that HDR candidates remain enrolled while undertaking research related to their candidature
  • does not describe the physical location of the candidate
ProcedureThis procedure requires actions by the following:

HDR Candidate

Seek prior approval from your Principal Supervisor and the Faculty if you intend to undertake:
  • research such as fieldwork, data collection or conference attendance Offsite
  • continuing research Offsite such that office accommodation is no longer required.

If intending to undertake research Offsite, review requirements and obtain all necessary approvals as advised by the Principal Supervisor and the Faculty.

Ensure any necessary ethics approval has been obtained by the Principal Supervisor for the research.

If required, arrange for the appointment of an Adjunct Supervisor at the place of research.

If you are a Joint Enrolment or Cotutelle scholarship holder, seek approval from Faculty to attend your offsite research at the partner university (as specified in the Joint Degree or Cotutelle Agreement).

6. Complete the Notification of Approved Offsite Research form and forward it to the Principal Supervisor for review.


Principal Supervisor

Assess the notification for Offsite Research to ensure the research is relevant to the degree, integrated within the overall structure of the research project, consistent with the timeline for degree completion and that funding has been provided for the activity.

Check to ensure all requirements in relation to visas, travel, medical insurance, ethics, risk assessment, Health and Safety, etc are approved.

Ensure approval has been obtained from any host institutions for the visit.

Ensure all documentation is complete for the appointment of any required Adjunct Supervisor.

Attach a copy of any required ethics approval for the research.

Ensure that a HDR candidate on OSR is not on a leave of absence at the same time as they are on OSR activity.

Sign the Notification of Approved Offsite Research form to confirm that all approvals have been obtained.

Forward the form to the Associate Dean, Higher Degree Research.


Faculty Associate Dean, HDR

Review and approve the Notification of Approved Offsite Research form if satisfactory. 

Forward a copy of the form to the candidate and to the HDRO.


Officer, HDRO

Check that the documents are in order and approved. 

Record the period of time and location of Offsite Research as a comment code in the student system.

If a Joint Enrolment or Cotutelle Agreement is in place, arrange for a stipend payment for the period of time located in Australia and/or on overseas research if so specified in the contract.

Note if an Adjunct Supervisor is nominated and record the appointment in the student system.

Record advice about external research collaboration.


Procedure Information

Contact OfficerDirector, Higher Degree Research Office
Date Approved2 July 2010
Approval AuthorityHigher Degree Research Committee
Date of Commencement2 July 2010
Amendment History

14 Dec 2017 - updated link for Notification of Approved Offsite Research form

January 2012 – reviewed, and Date for Next Review extended to 3 years

Date for Next ReviewJuly 2013
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