Ergonomic Equipment Selection

Ergonomic Equipment Selection


The Ergonomic Equipment Selection Procedure establishes responsibilities for selection and use of ergonomic equipment at Macquarie University.


PurposeTo outline responsibilities for selection and use of ergonomic equipment.


The University aims to provide ergonomic equipment that is safe and designed to avoid the development of musculoskeletal injuries or discomfort while at work. The University does this by:
  • undertaking workplace assessments to identify tasks and equipment that may be hazardous
  • assessing and eliminating or minimising these hazards by changing a job design, workstation, tool or work environment
  • purchasing equipment that is safe, designed for a particular task and compliant with applicable regulations, Australian Standards and the Sustainability Policy
  • ensuring that equipment purchased:
  • meets the needs of the work being undertaken.
  • meets the needs and comfort of an individual using the equipment.
  • allows adaptation to suit an individual’s needs.
  • is safe and appropriate.
  • providing education on safe work practises, the potential risk of injuries, their causes, prevention and treatment.
This procedure requires actions by the following:

Health and Safety Unit Officer

Provide relevant information on ergonomics on the Health and Safety Unit website.

Conduct training on how to prevent occupational overuse injury.

Complete workplace assessments where ergonomic risks have been identified.
Executive Dean/ Director/ Property Officer

Consider ergonomic matters when planning a new   facility, new work function or relocation.

Provide financial and physical resources as required to address any ergonomic issues.

Manager / Supervisor

Ensure that:
  • the workplace and equipment are safe
  • staff adopt safe work practices
  • ergonomic equipment is provided, as identified in a workplace assessment
  • equipment is purchased in accordance with applicable regulations, Australian Standards and the Sustainability Policy
  • equipment is operated according to its instructions
  • training, information and advice is provided on ergonomic principles where appropriate.
Property OfficerEnsure that the purchase, repair, maintenance or replacement of ergonomic equipment complies with any applicable regulations, Australian Standards and the Sustainability Policy

Staff Member

Work in a safe manner at all   times.

Comply with all ergonomic safety instructions issued by your supervisor or manager.

Attend relevant training and apply this training to your tasks.

Use all ergonomic equipment and materials as designed.

Report potential ergonomic hazards, problems and symptoms to your supervisor or manager.

Procedure Information

Contact OfficerManager, Health and Safety
Date Approved23 November 2011
Approval Authority

Vice-President People and Services

Date of Commencement23 November 2011
Amendment History

30 March 2020 – Approval Authority updated to Vice-President People and Services in accordance with University Delegations of Authority.

12 September 2019 – Minor amendment: reference to Procurement Handbook updated to Procurement Policy, and removed reference to rescinded Purchasing Procedure.

5 August 2019 – Updated Approval Authority from Director, Human Resources to Vice-President, University Services and Strategy (VPSS) in accordance with VPSS responsibilities per Delegations of Authority Register.

February 2014 – Procurement Handbook replaced Purchasing Policy / Guideline

Date for Next ReviewNovember 2014
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Health and Safety Unit website
Health and Safety in the Office; Guide. 1993 (NSW WorkCover Authority)
Officewise: A guide to Health and Safety in the Office. 2009 (Comcare)

Legislation Work Health and Safety A ct 2011 (NSW)
Work Health and Safety Regulation 2011 (NSW)
KeywordsErgonomic, equipment
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