Emergency Warden Appointment

Emergency Warden Appointment


The Emergency Warden Appointment Procedure establishes the University's approach concerning the selection and appointment of Emergency Wardens at   Macquarie University.


PurposeTo describe the selection and appointment of Emergency Wardens at Macquarie University.


The appointment of Emergency Wardens is a key strategy in Macquarie University’s commitment to maintaining a safe and healthy working environment and effectively managing emergency situations. Macquarie University is required to appoint appropriate persons to act as Emergency Wardens under the Work Health and Safety Act 2011 (NSW) and Work Health and Safety Regulation 2011 (NSW).

Emergency Wardens play a critical role in the University's emergency evacuation plan, specifically in the initial response to emergency situations and in any evacuation of staff, students and visitors. It is therefore important that the University appoint and maintain sufficient numbers of wardens.

This procedure requires actions by the following:

Executive Dean/Head of Office

Note the following minimum requirements for each work area/building:
  • one building warden and one deputy per building
  • one/two area wardens and one deputy per floor
  • one stair warden per floor.
When determining the number of Emergency Wardens needed, assess the:
  • work being undertaken
  • environment in which the work is undertaken
  • hours during which the work is undertaken - warden coverage should be arranged for all hours during which an area is staffed
  • number of people in a work area
  • size and layout of the building.

To ensure coverage, consider appointing full-time staff to Emergency Warden positions, or appointing several part-time staff.

Appoint Deputy Emergency Wardens to assist the Emergency Wardens.

Where a building or floor is shared, cooperate with other faculties/departments/offices to decide on the requirements and appointment of wardens in each area.

Consider the following selection criteria when identifying staff for appointment as Emergency Wardens:
  • willingness to assist people in the event of an emergency
  • enthusiasm and willingness to act in this role
  • ability to act calmly and take charge in an emergency
  • ability to relate well to others
  • ability to make a good assessment of a situation
  • located in one place, readily contactable and in a position to be called away at short notice
  • full-time staff member or a part-time staff member who can share the role
  • in good physical health, sufficient to be able to discharge their responsibilities
  • has completed the required training, or is capable of undertaking the required training.

Seek   nominations for the positions from interested employees, or appoint candidates directly. Forward details of the appointments to the Manager,   Health and Safety.

Appoint an   Emergency Warden for a three year period. Appointment commences with completion of warden training.

Where it is necessary to withdraw an appointment do so by providing the Manager, Health and Safety with a written explanation for the withdrawal.

Manager, Health and       Safety

Maintain the Emergency Wardens List on the University website by undertaking an audit of current   wardens every six months. This will involve forwarding the current list to Executive Deans and Directors and requesting corrections.

Ensure Emergency Wardens complete Emergency Management training.
Staff memberIf you wish to have your appointment as an Emergency Warden withdrawn, notify your Executive Dean/Head of Office and the Manager, Health and Safety in writing.

Procedure Information

Contact OfficerManager, Health & Safety
Date Approved15 July 2011
Approval AuthorityVice-President People and Services
Date of Commencement 15 July 2011
Amendment History

30 March 2020 – Approval Authority updated to Vice-President People and Services in accordance with University Delegations of Authority.

5 Aug 2019 – Updated Approval Authority from Manager, Health & Safety to Vice-President, University Services and Strategy (VPSS) in accordance with VPSS responsibilities per Delegations of Authority Register.

Date for Next ReviewJuly 2014
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