Credit Card Concur Expense System

Credit Card Concur Expense System


The Credit Card Concur Expense System Procedure establishes the requirements and process steps to be followed when   performing credit card transactions in the Concur Expense Management System   (CES).



To outline the requirements and process steps to be followed when performing credit card transactions in the Concur Expense Management System (CES).


This procedure requires actions by the following:

Staff member

Complete Concur Expense System   Training
Complete training in the   Concur Expense System. You can arrange a booking or online training by   contacting the Credit Card Administrator.

Note: A Quick Start Guide is also available on the OFS website.

Verify Transactions  
Verify your transactions on   the Concur Expense System during the applicable month. Any claimable   expense/acquittal in the Macquarie University’s Expense Management System   will involve use of the Macquarie University Credit Card.

Expenses using the   University Credit Card will be pre-populated into the Concur Expense System   on a daily basis and can be substantiated at any time after that. However, at   the end of the billing cycle (13th) you must raise a new “Expense   report” and include all transactions from the previous month up until the 12th.   The report is raised on the 13th as it takes 24 hours for   transactions to be loaded. The dates are subject to change which will be   communicated to you prior to the month closing.

Note: reports which   overlap or do not include the whole month’s transactions will not be   accepted.

Obtain Approval
Attach supporting documentation and forward the report to your   Approver/Supervisor for approval. Once the report is approved online, mail   the report and supporting documentation, using the special A4 envelopes   supplied, to Business Services­­­­­­, level 3, 299 Lane Cove Road within one   month, for final acceptance and filing.

Verify   Details
Check each pre-populated entry   against your own records to verify such details as date, location, vendor and   amount.

Note: the pre-populated entry will be GST   inclusive if expenditure incurred domestically i.e. within Australia. Given   the types of expenditure incurred by staff, GST will be applicable in the   majority of cases. The major exception to this general rule is the   expenditure incurred overseas.

Check   Receipts
Check receipts for all entries.   A valid tax invoice and receipt should properly support all substantiated   transactions. You should have a corresponding receipt for each pre-populated   entry with the Concur Expense System. You should check these against the   pre-populated details. Receipts should conform to general requirements of a   tax invoice.

Where an expense is verified,   but no receipt can be found, you should annotate the Concur Expense System accordingly.

Enter   Expenses
Enter/validate expenses in CES. You should only   substantiate expenses when they appear in the pre-populated data in the CES. You   should give all validated transactions a description that has a relevance to   the Macquarie University staff member with that description, and/or should   give the system generated reference number able to be used if the University   staff needs to raise a query with the Credit Card Administrator.

Submit   Expense Report
Submit your expense report online for approval by   Approvers/Supervisors.

Amend   and Resubmit Expense Report
If an    Approver/Supervisor rejects the substantiation, you will receive an email notifying you of the   rejection of your expense report. Substantiation can only be fully approved   or fully rejected; there is no facility to give partial approval to   acquittals.

You can then amend and resubmit your claim.

Advise   Business Services
Once your expense claim is approved, send   Business Services a hard-copy of your expense report and original Tax   Invoices, using the special A4 envelopes supplied.

Monitor   Status
Monitor the status of your claim and ensure that   your Approver/Supervisor approves the claim. The Concur Expense system will   assist by showing the status of the claim.


Procedure Information

Contact OfficerPurchasing Manager, Credit Card Administrator, Office of Financial Services
Date Approved19 November 2010
Approval Authority

Vice-President, Finance and Group Chief Financial Officer

Date of Commencement19 November 2010
Amendment History

14 August 2019 – Updated Approval Authority from Chief Operating Officer and Deputy Vice-Chancellor to Vice-President, Finance and Group Chief Financial Officer in accordance with responsibilities per Delegations of Authority Register.

29 May 2017 - updated Approval Authority from Chief Operating Officer to
Chief Operating Officer and Deputy Vice-Chancellor
February 2014 – update position title to COO
May 2010 – alignment with University Policy Framework

Date for Next ReviewNovember 2012
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