Award of Emeritus Professor

Award of Emeritus Professor


The Award of Emeritus Professor Policy defines the criteria for the award of the title of Macquarie University Emeritus Professor. The Procedure outlines the roles and responsibilities associated with the award, with further information provided within Appendix A – Selection Criteria.


PurposeTo define the criteria for the award of the title of Macquarie University Emeritus Professor.


Macquarie University values excellence in scholarship. To reflect this commitment to all aspects of scholarship, the award of Macquarie University Emeritus Professor title has been established.
The title Macquarie University Emeritus Professor is awarded to former eminent Professors of exceptional distinction who have made an outstanding contribution to their field or discipline and to the University.


The title of Macquarie   University Emeritus Professor may be awarded to a former eminent Professor of the University.


The   award is a title of high honour and not routinely awarded.

The   title to be awarded will be Macquarie   University Emeritus Professor.

The award of the title will be on the basis of merit as   assessed against the selection criteria (Appendix A).

The   recipient is regarded as having the academic rank of Professor for all purposes,   including ceremonial occasions.

The   title may be awarded any time after a Professor has left the University.

The University reserves the   right not to make an award or to withdraw an award.

To be eligible for the award a nominee will have:
  • retired or resigned to pursue a        career in industry/government or resigned to pursue an academic        management position, such as Vice-Chancellor or Deputy Vice-Chancellor,        at another university
  • held a position as Professor at the University for a minimum of five years
  • made an outstanding contribution to        their field or discipline, and
  • consistently demonstrated values that        align with the University’s         vision.

The selection criteria are described in Appendix A (see tab above). Nominees must have   demonstrated continuing achievement in the three elements of academic   endeavour: teaching, research, and community engagement.

  • the award   of the title does not attract remuneration
  • an   appointee will not be required to perform any of the normal administrative   functions associated with the title of Professor
  • an   appointee will not generally undertake paid employment at the University
  • an appointee will voluntarily participate   in activities of the University
  • an appointee will not undertake disciplinary-based   employment at any other institution within Australia
  • an appointee will not concurrently hold an   award of Emeritus Professor from another University
  • the title is awarded in perpetuity, subject   to the termination provisions in this Policy.

The University will adhere to the principles of equal opportunity and   the Code of Conduct   (Staff).

The   decision to appoint is made by the University Council and will be final.

EFFECTIVE DATE An award will be effective from the date of Council approval.

An appointee will have:
  • access to the library
  • access to on campus parking on payment of        prescribed fees
  • staff and student rates for purchases at U@MQ

The Director, Human Resources, will ensure the nominations process is   managed efficiently and effectively.

Appointments are at the discretion of the University   and may be terminated at any time by written notice from the University.

The University may commence applicable disciplinary procedures if a person to whom this policy applies breaches this policy (or any of its related procedures).

Policy Information

Contact OfficerDirector, Human Resources
Date ApprovedDecember 2010
Approval AuthorityDirector, Human Resources
Date of CommencementDecember 2010
Amendment HistoryJune 2012 – updated to clarify that the date of effect is the date of Council approval
November 2011 – updated with Compliance and Breaches statement
Date for Next ReviewDecember 2013
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Policies / Rules Superseded by this PolicyThis is a new policy
KeywordsEmeritus Professor



To outline the roles   and responsibilities associated with the award of the title of Macquarie   University Emeritus Professor.


This procedure requires actions by the following:

Executive Dean

If you  consider that a departing or former Professor of the University is eligible for the title of Macquarie University Emeritus Professor, submit a nomination to the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic) including:
  • your assessment of the nominee’s suitability according to the eligibility        criteria
  • letters of support from at least three distinguished academics
  • the nominee’s full curriculum vitae which provides sufficient        detail to support the nomination

Deputy   Vice-Chancellor (Academic)

Consider, and where   appropriate, provide a letter of support outlining the merits of a   nomination.

Submit the letter and documentation to the Academic Senate.

Academic   Senate

Review and consider the nomination against the   eligibility criteria.

Determine and request additional information   if required.

Review all information and assess whether the   nominee meets the criteria.

Prepare a report for the Vice-Chancellor that includes:
  • a recommendation of whether or not to        award the title of Macquarie University Emeritus Professor
  • a brief statement of the reason for the        recommendation
  • a summary of the relevant factors in your        decision
  • the conclusions drawn from these factors
  • specific reference to the selection criteria
  • any themes        emerging with respect to equity and diversity
Vice-ChancellorForward the report from the Academic Senate and VC recommendation to University Council.

University Council

Consider the Vice-Chancellor’s recommendation and   determine whether to approve.

Advise the Vice-Chancellor of the decision.
Office of the Vice-ChancellorNotify:
  • each successful   nominee on behalf of Council
  • the relevant Faculty Human Resources Manager of the successful   nominee.
Faculty Human ResourcesProvide the appropriate Human Resources Officer with a copy of the notification letter for processing.
Human Resources Officer

Process   the changes to the title and directory information from the date of Council   approval.

Procedure Information

Contact OfficerDirector, Human Resources
Date ApprovedDecember 2010
Approval AuthorityDirector, Human Resources
Date of CommencementDecember 2010
Amendment History14 Sep 2017 - updated responsibility for notification to the OVC in line with current practice, authorised Director HR 12/9/17;  updated DVC(Provost) to DVC(Academic). 
June 2012 – clarification to the notification process
Date for Next ReviewJune 2013
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KeywordsEmeritus Professor

APPENDIX A - Selection Criteria

To be eligible for consideration as an Emeritus Professor, the nominee will have:
  • retired or resigned to pursue a career in industry/government or academic management (such as Vice-Chancellor or Deputy Vice-Chancellor) at another university
  • held the title ‘Professor’ of Macquarie University for a minimum of five years
  • made an outstanding contribution to their field or discipline
  • consistently demonstrated values that align with the University’s vision.

A nominee’s whole of career will be considered, although special attention will be placed on performance and contributions to Macquarie University within the past five years, together with opportunities for future contributions to the University.

A nominee’s performance will be considered against the following set of criteria:
  1. An international reputation for outstanding research and scholarship as exemplified by a demonstration of sustained high level achievement of scholarly publications, performances, creative works, citations, invitations to give keynote addresses, success in obtaining research grants, election to learned academics, honorary degrees, awards & prizes. Evidence that may be presented to support this would include:
    • recipient of a prestigious Fellowship from one of the Australian academies (such as the Academy of Science) or International Learned Societies
    • an ARC Australian Professorial Fellow or equivalent NHMRC Fellowship
    • winner of prestigious awards or prizes of international repute
    • citation record substantially above world average in the field
    • other undertakings of international leading standing in the field
  2. Demonstrated evidence of successfully guiding the development of younger colleagues and postgraduate students through supervision, mentoring, monitoring and collaboration and a track record of research degree completions.
  3. Demonstrated research team leadership.
  4. Professional peer recognition of significant achievements at a state, national and international level exemplified by leadership of learned societies and outstanding contributions to continuing education and peer review.
  5. Outstanding learning and teaching achievements, including program and curriculum development, and teaching performance.
  6. Involvement in, and contribution to, the profession, discipline and professional societies or academies, extending beyond the University, which reflect favourably on the University.
  7. Outstanding performance in translating research outcomes for Australian or global benefit, including commercialisation of Intellectual Property, improvements to public policy, health and well-being, the environment, culture or other public good, resulting in direct and indirect economic benefit.
  8. Service to the University as exemplified by active participation in major University or faculty committees, including the holding of offices of responsibility, and by having demonstrated high achievement in senior administrative and management roles at departmental, faculty, or university level.
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