All Policy Documents - Sorted by Category

All Policy Documents - Sorted by Category

Using this page:

This page contains policies, procedures and guidelines approved through the official University policy framework, as well as policies that are yet to be revised.

Those to be revised are labelled "UNREVISED" to make them easily identifiable.

The documents are sorted by category with the definition of each category outlined at the beginning of each category listing.

Policies, procedures and guidelines are systematically being converted to align with the policy framework, so please keep checking this site regularly. More details on recently approved and converted policies can be found on the New page.


This category covers: Starting, Working, Leave, Developing, Leaving.






External Relations

This category covers: Marketing, public and media relations, events, publications, fundraising, alumni, graduations, and community, corporate and government relations.


This category covers: Facilities, assets and grounds management (cleaning, maintenance, repairs), building project management; maps and signage; room bookings; class timetabling; operational and resource sustainability, parking; security; and space planning and management.


This category covers: Management of Macquarie University’s financial resources, including accounting, financial planning, budgeting, insurance, student loans and student fees.


This category covers: overarching University issues relating to compliance, legal matters, health and safety, and quality



Health and Safety


Higher Degree Research

This category covers: Higher Degree Research (HDR) admissions, programs, scholarships, awards, thesis examination and HDR education and training.
  • Extension of Out-of-Time Candidature Procedure - See Higher Degree Research Out of Time
  • HDR and MRes Termination of Candidature Procedure
  • Higher Degree Research Degree Transfer Policy
  • Higher Degree Research Doctoral Equivalence Guideline
  • Higher Degree Research Offsite Research (Commencing) Procedure
  • Higher Degree Research Offsite Research (Continuing) Procedure
  • Higher Degree Research Out of Time Policy / Extension Procedure
  • Higher Degree Research Supervision Policy / Procedure
  • Higher Degree Research Thesis by Publication Guideline
  • Higher Degree Research Thesis Preparation, Submission and Examination Policy / Procedure
  • Higher Degree Research Thesis Re-Examination Guideline

Learning and Teaching

This category covers: Undergraduate and postgraduate coursework student administration such as assessment, academic honesty, examination, unit guides and special consideration, as well as curriculum development, approval and review.


This category covers: Research centres, faculty research centres, researchers and research commercialisation.

Student Administration

Refer to Learning and Teaching for all undergraduate and postgraduate coursework matters, including admission, assessment, examination, unit guides, special consideration etc. Refer to Higher Degree Research for all matters relating to research education.


This category covers: Technical matters related to the University’s computer network, computer services, student computers, wireless system, and telephone and switchboard systems.
  • Acceptable Use of IT Resources Policy / Procedure / Schedule
  • Computer Surveillance Policy - See Acceptable Use of IT Resources Policy
  • E-Waste Policy
  • Information Security Incident Response Policy - See Information Security Policy
  • Information Security Policy / Procedure
  • IT Infrastructure and Systems Change Management Policy
  • Network Policy
  • Password Selection and Management Policy - See Information Security Policy
  • Policy For Protection Against Viruses and Spam
  • Security Control Firewall Policy - See Information Security Policy
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