Organisational conflicts and concerns

Organisational conflicts and concerns

Organisational conflicts and concerns cover a wide range of issues. The University has procedures to deal with these matters.

What is a conflict?

Organisational conflicts usually occur when there is a situation that could provide personal advantage to the individual at the expense of the organisation. Staff have a responsibility to declare personal interest involving:

  • monetary advantage
  • position
  • knowledge.

Raising a complaint

Who do I talk to?

Depending on your type of concern, you can raise it with:

Type of complaint/concern

Contact  point

Misuse of funds

ROAR / Privacy officer

Inappropriate behaviour

Concerns and threats via ROAR

Health and safety related issues/concerns


HR related concerns/complaints

HR – complaints

Research integrity and research misconduct

Research Office


Ombudsman NSW


ROAR/privacy officer

Reporting an incident

ROAR is the online portal to allow you to report your concern.

If you want further assistance or information please contact the privacy officer.

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