Termination of employment

Termination of employment



53.1   All decisions to terminate the employment of a Staff Member will be made in accordance with the relevant clauses in this Agreement.

Provision of Notice

53.2   The University will not terminate the employment of a Staff Member without providing appropriate notice or pay in lieu as per the relevant clauses of this Agreement or letter of appointment, except in the case of clause 47, Misconduct and Serious Misconduct or clause 48, Research Misconduct.

53.3   The period of notice (or pay in lieu of such notice) will be as set out below:

Length of Continuous Service

Period of Notice

Less than 1 year

2 weeks

Over 1 year and up to 3 years

3 weeks

Over 3 years and up to 5 years

4 weeks

Over 5 years

5 weeks

53.4   Where the Staff Member has completed at least 2 years Continuous Service with the University and is over 45 years of age, they will receive an additional week of notice.

53.5   Upon termination of employment for any reason whatsoever, the University will be entitled to deduct from any monies due to the Staff Member, other than any monies due in respect of entitlements under the National Employment Standards, any monies owing by the Staff Member to the University.

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