Study and graduation leave

Study and graduation leave


Study Leave

  1. A Staff Member’s (excluding Casuals) eligibility for study time is based on the relevance of the course of study to their current or potential employment with the University. Study time will not generally be granted for repeat subjects and can only be used during teaching periods in the relevant course. The Staff Member will meet costs associated with the course of study.

Eligibility and entitlement

For Full-time Staff Members

½ hour paid leave for every hour of compulsory attendance to a maximum of 4 hours per week

15 days paid leave per annum for attendance at residential schools when undertaking an approved distance education course

An additional 10 days paid leave where a course involves a thesis or major project as well as course work

10 days paid leave for qualifying studies entirely by thesis

For masters degree studies by research and thesis the total grant of paid leave is:

(a)  25 days for courses of 2 years minimum duration

(b)  35 days for courses of 3 years minimum duration

For doctoral studies the total grant is 45 days.

Part-time Staff

Proportionate to the Full-time entitlement

Examination Leave

34.2   A Staff Member (excluding Casuals) is entitled to up to 10 days paid leave in any 1 academic year granted on the basis of 2 days paid leave for each subject in which they have a formal examination. Entitlements for Part-time Staff will be on a proportionate basis.

Graduation Ceremony Leave

34.3   Eligible Staff may be granted leave to attend their tertiary graduation ceremony. Leave will only be granted where Staff are graduating at a ceremony held during normal working hours.

34.4   All continuing and eligible fixed-term staff will be entitled to 1 half day paid leave for graduations held within the Sydney metropolitan area or 1 day paid leave for graduations held outside the Sydney area.

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