Professional staff implementation committee

Professional staff implementation committee



51.1   The University and the Union/s will establish a Professional Staff Implementation Committee (PSIC) for the purpose of:

(a) discussion and facilitation of matters related to the implementation of this Agreement; and

(b) discussion and consultation on employment related matters, including:

(i)  the development, establishment, variation or revocation of any employment related policy, procedure, guideline or code of the University whether or not referred to in this Agreement;

(ii)   updates on change proposals;

(iii)  work implications of any new initiatives;

(iv)  Work Health and Safety.

51.2   The Committee Members will:

(a) participate in meetings, providing information on matters under consideration;

(b) gather feedback from their respective constituents to inform discussions and actively consider the views and submissions of each Committee Member;

(c) provide leadership in the implementation of this Agreement with a particular focus on new commitments and initiatives;

(d) identify and monitor potential risks and advise on the prevention, mitigation and management of possible breaches and/or disputes;

(e) discuss barriers and enablers to good practice of the implementation of this Agreement.

51.3   Membership of the PSIC will comprise:

(a) up to 6 University Committee Members including, where appropriate, a senior leader of the University;

(b) up to 3 Union Committee Members, nominated by the CPSU; and

(c) up to 3 Union Committee Members, nominated by the NTEU.

51.4   The role of the Chair of PSIC will be rotated between the parties as determined by the Committee.

51.5   With the permission of the Chair, a Committee Member may invite a guest/s to participate in a meeting of the PSIC. Those who attend by invitation may be University staff members or Union officers.

51.6   PSIC will strive to adopt the interest-based approach in its deliberations, and members who have not already been trained in this approach will be required to undertake training.

51.7   Meetings of the PSIC will be convened 8 times per year. Members of the PSIC may agree to additional meetings as necessary. Members will be allowed reasonable paid time during working hours to prepare for meetings and will be released from ordinary duties to attend PSIC meetings. The University will provide an appropriate level of resources and administrative support for the Committee and its initiatives.

51.8   The agenda of each meeting will alternate between the implementation and broader consultation purposes as described in sub-clauses 51.1 (a) and 51.1 (b). Where appropriate, time may be allocated to the discussion of employment matters common to professional and academic staff.

51.9   During the life of this Agreement, the PSIC will explore mechanisms to allow staff to voice concerns and provide feedback on wider emerging issues.

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