Position classification

Position classification


43.1   The University will classify Professional Staff positions up to and including Level 9 in accordance with Schedule 4 of this Agreement. Professional Staff positions within the Level 10 bands will be classified using a recognised external job evaluation method.

43.2   The University may refer a position description for review of its classification level in accordance with the descriptors, as found at Schedule 4 of this Agreement. Position descriptions will usually be developed by the Supervisor in consultation with the incumbent (where there is an incumbent). Staff in the work area, whose work directly interacts with the position being reviewed, will be notified of proposed changes.

43.3   Where they believe the level of the position they occupy may have changed, a Staff Member can have the position description reviewed by Human Resources in order to establish the classification level of the position. The request will set out the reasons why the Staff Member believes the position should be reclassified.

43.4   A position will not ordinarily be considered for reclassification within 12-months of its last review, unless a significant workplace change has taken place or the incumbent has vacated the position.

43.5   The position classification review will be:

(a) of the position not the incumbent;

(b) applied consistently for all positions covered by HEW Levels 1 to 9;

(c) carried out in a timely manner without undue delay;

(d) based on an assessment of the position description documentation against the classification standards as set out in Schedule 4;

(e) undertaken irrespective of funding; and

(f) transparent, with the outcomes documented.

43.6   A position description is used as the basis for determining the appropriate classification level of a position against the classification standards. A position description will include information on the following:

(a) the purpose of the position and its overall context within the workplace;

(b) the degree of task complexity;

(c) the scope for decision making;

(d) the level of knowledge, experience and skill required;

(e) the challenges and problem solving within the position; and

(f) the relationship of the position to other positions within the work unit.

43.7   If, during the evaluation process, it is identified that the position documentation supplied is not sufficient to accurately classify the position more information may be obtained in written format, by visiting the workplace or by interviewing Staff Members and/or management of the work area.

43.8   The effective date of a new classification level and remuneration for a position that has been upgraded as a result of a classification review will be the date on which the Position Description and application for review was lodged with Human Resources.

43.9   Where a position is classified one HEW Level lower than the current classification, the incumbent (where there is one) will have their current HEW Level maintained until such time as they vacate the position.

Position Classification Appeal

43.10  A Staff Member may appeal the position classification review outcome by submitting a statement, including the grounds and reasons for the appeal of the position classification review outcome, to the Director, Human Resources.

43.11  The appeal will be considered by a Position Classification Appeals Committee comprising:

(a) a nominee of the University (other than the officer responsible for conducting the original classification review);

(b) one nominee of the Union/s; and

(c) an independent Chair selected by the Director, Human Resources from a pool of appropriately qualified practitioners. The pool will be agreed between the Director, Human Resources and the Branch Presidents of the Union/s.

43.12  The University will provide all Committee members with appropriate training in job evaluation prior to any Committee proceedings.

43.13  The Committee will consider all documentation associated with the classification review and may interview the Staff Member and their Supervisor in order to gain additional information about the position. The Committee will recommend to the Director of Human Resources the appropriate classification level of the position.

43.14  The Director will give consideration to the recommendation of the Committee before making a decision on the appeal. The decision of the Director, Human Resources will be communicated to the Staff Member in writing specifying the reasons for the outcome of the review.

43.15  ;In all other respects the classification of positions will be carried out in accordance with the University’s policy, procedures and administrative arrangements for Position Classification Review of Professional Staff Positions that are in place from time to time.

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