Performance development and review

Performance development and review


40.1   The Performance Development and Review (PDR) program provides a framework for identifying, evaluating and developing the performance of Staff. Performance development and review is linked to the achievement of individual, work area and organisational goals.

40.2   All continuing and fixed-term Staff will participate in the Performance Development and Review program. Each Staff Member will have a Supervisor nominated by the University. These Supervisors will conduct the performance development and review program annually with Staff. The program is designed to enhance Staff performance and therefore the performance of the University.

40.3   The Performance Development and Review program provides Staff and Supervisors with the opportunity to:

(a) jointly consider work priorities, workload and performance expectations over the annual review period;

(b) provide feedback in relation to performance;

(c) determine if the Staff Member’s performance does not warrant incremental progression;

(d) establish if the Staff Members performance warrants reward or recognition;

(e) identify any assistance and support that will be provided to improve performance;

(f) identify professional and career development needs and what will be done to support these needs. This may include the appointment of an advisor who will assume the role of coach or mentor;

(g) discuss the Staff Member’s plans to take annual, long service or other forms of leave (these discussions are to inform work planning not performance issues);

(h) review and update the position description for the position if necessary; and

(i) discuss as appropriate any other issue that may impact on work performance and development.

40.4  The Performance Development and Review program will be integrated with University processes for probation, incremental progression and position classification review.

40.5   The Performance Development and Review program may be tailored to account for specific needs of particular groups of staff following consultation with the Professional Staff Implementation Committee (PSIC).

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