Diversity and inclusion

Diversity and inclusion




25.1   The University recognises the benefits of a vibrant and diverse workforce and is committed to creating an inclusive environment where all Staff can fully participate, contribute and develop. The University aligns its policies and processes with leading practice in workplace inclusion, monitors the diversity of our workforce on an ongoing basis, and regularly consults with Staff on workplace culture.

25.2   The University’s approach seeks to equally value and respect the different skills, experiences and interests that each member of our Staff community brings to the University. The University acknowledges the barriers to genuine equality of opportunity experienced by some people because of their gender, age, cultural background, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability and/or family status; and the University develops targeted strategies to address these barriers.

25.3    Every member of the University’s community has a part to play in creating an inclusive culture. The University seeks to build Staff awareness and skills in inclusive practice through a variety of communications, training and engagement activities.

25.4   The University will review the outcomes of recruitment and promotion processes to monitor the effectiveness of its diversity and inclusion strategies.

Gender Equity

25.5   The University and the Unions endorse the commitments outlined in Towards Gender Equity, the University’s Workplace Gender Equity Strategy. The Strategy aims to improve pay equity across Professional Staff salary levels.

25.6   The University will undertake annual reporting of salary data of professional staff. The reporting will include aggregated salary data by gender across each salary level.

25.7   The salary data will be made available to the Gender Equity Strategy Committee and its subcommittees and the Executive Group. The salary data will also be made available to the Unions or any Staff Member on request.

25.8   The Gender Equity Strategy Committee is responsible for the leadership and implementation of the Strategy, in partnership with the Gender Equity Self-Assessment Team. The University will invite the CPSU and the NTEU to each nominate a Staff Member with relevant expertise to participate as a member of the Committee.

Staff with Disabilities

25.9   The University will make Reasonable Adjustments for Staff with disabilities to enable them to perform their duties and participate fully in the University community. To support this participation, the University will develop an Access and Inclusion Plan which provides a framework for equitable access and participation for people with disabilities.

Cultural and Linguistic Diversity

25.10    English language training is aimed at Staff who are unable to meet standards of communication to advance career prospects, or who constitute a health and safety risk to themselves and/or fellow Staff. Training will be for a minimum of 100 hours and subject to an appropriate needs assessment.

Other matters

25.11   It is acknowledged that under Australian law, a Staff Member or the University may pursue a matter of discrimination in any State or Federal jurisdiction, including any application to the NSW Anti-Discrimination Board or the Australian Human Rights Commission.

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