Career development

Career development


41.1   The University will encourage the participation of Staff in relevant training and development activities during normal working hours. The University will also support a Staff Member studying an approved course relevant to their employment with the University. Staff may apply for paid study leave in accordance with clause 34 Study and Graduation Leave.

41.2   All continuing and fixed-term Staff Members, who participate in the annual Performance Development and Review process, will discuss individual development needs with their Supervisor and identify appropriate development opportunities for the coming year.

41.3   Supervisors need to identify the training and development needs of casual and fixed-term Staff who do not participate in the annual Performance and Development cycle. Supervisors will ensure Staff have the necessary training and development opportunities to be able to perform their positions. The University will fully fund approved training and development activities that are essential to the performance of the Staff Member’s current position.

41.4   The University will support approved training and development activities that will enhance the Staff Member’s ability to develop beyond their current position. Depending on the nature of the developmental activity, the University may limit the financial support to 66% of the cost, up to a maximum of $1050 per annum.

41.5  ; Individual budget units will administer funds allocated for training and development purposes. Funds will be allocated equitably on the basis of identified training and development needs.

41.6   Supervisors should ensure that time is allocated to allow Staff to participate in relevant, appropriate, approved training and development activities during normal working hours.

41.7   Where the University provides the opportunity to participate in training and development activities, the University will reimburse a participating Staff Member for course or conference attendance fees and any necessary travel and accommodation expenses and allowance.

Macquarie University Scholarship Program

41.8   The Macquarie University Scholarship Program is designed to recognise potential and reward outstanding performance of Staff Members.

41.9   The Scholarship Program will include at least two fully funded scholarships to undertake a Master of Business Administration with the Macquarie Graduate School of Management (MGSM) or other approved courses of study with the University.

41.10  The scholarships will be offered on an annual basis to continuing and fixed-term Staff Members. Applications for the Scholarship Program will be assessed by a selection process that is equitable and upholds the principle of competition on merit.

Staff Mobility Initiatives

41.12  The University recognises the mutual benefits to both Staff and the University that result from Staff mobility initiatives. These initiatives may include Secondment (both on an internal and external basis), internal temporary transfers, higher duties opportunities and job-swap arrangements.

41.13  The University will promote staff mobility initiatives to Staff Members through staff communication channels. The University will also encourage Supervisors and Staff Members to discuss such opportunities through the Performance Development and Review process.

41.14  ;The University will maintain a central register for Staff to express an interest in internal and temporary job opportunities. The register will enable Staff to indicate areas and/or positions of interest and identify their existing skills, capabilities and qualifications.

41.14  The details of staff mobility initiatives will be set out in relevant University policy. Policies and/or procedures will be developed by the University in consultation with the PSIC.

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