6.1 Pre-retirement Contracts

6.1 Pre-retirement Contracts

6.1.1 The University and a Staff Member may agree to enter into a pre-retirement contract that will expire on a mutually agreed date. Such contracts will be made in accordance with University requirements in place from time to time.

6.1.2 If a Staff Member enters into a pre-retirement contract, it will be on the basis of a fixed-term contract with no expectation of further employment at the cessation of the contract.

6.1.3 Subclause 3.7.11(b) will not apply to the termination of contracts made under this clause.

6.1.4 A Staff Member, who accepts the offer of a pre-retirement contract, will not be eligible for a severance or redundancy payment prior to entering a contract made under this clause or on cessation of the pre-retirement contract unless such payments are specified in the pre-retirement contract.

6.1.5 It is the Staff Member's responsibility to seek independent financial advice.

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