4.5 Work Rosters

4.5 Work Rosters

4.5.1 Where a Staff Member is required to work according to a roster, the following arrangements will apply:

(a) work rosters will be posted in a readily accessible place;

(b) all rosters will indicate the commencement and cessation times of the ordinary hours of work of the respective shifts for each Staff Member;

(c) changes or variations to regular rosters will be notified to the relevant Staff Members at least seven days prior to becoming operative. The University will:

(i) provide all relevant information to the Staff Member about the change at least seven days prior to the proposed operative date of the change, including the nature of the change, information about what the University reasonably believes will be the effects of the change on the Staff Members, and information about any other matters that the University reasonably believes are likely to affect the Staff Members;

(ii) invite the Staff Member to give their views about the impact of the change (including any impact in relation to their family or caring responsibilities); and

(iii) give prompt and genuine consideration to matters raised about the change by relevant Staff Members.

(d) where a Staff Member is absent from duty because of illness, or there is an emergency, a shift roster may be changed with reasonable notice to enable the functions of the University to continue. However, if such an alteration involves a Staff Member working on a day that would have been their day off, such time worked on that day will be paid for at overtime rates or a mutually agreed suitable alternative day off will be taken;

(e) places in shift rosters may be interchanged by agreement between the Staff Members and the University, provided that the University incurs no additional shift or overtime penalties as a consequence of the interchange;

(f) Staff will be reimbursed for costs in excess of normal travel costs where the University does not provide notice in accordance with (c) above; and

(g) Staff rostered for shift work will not work split shifts.

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