4.13 Managing Change in the Workplace

4.13 Managing Change in the Workplace

4.13.1 Sound management of workplace change includes the involvement of all people who will be affected by the change. The University is committed to a transparent workplace change process, which ensures that it is able to adapt to changing circumstances while minimising any adverse effects to the University community.

4.13.2 The University will, usually and where appropriate, discuss with Staff issues that might lead to change before developing a formal change proposal/paper as required under subclause 4.13.5 below. Nothing in the clause will prevent the University from undertaking a feasibility assessment of possible workplace change before engaging in a consultative process with Staff.

4.13.3 Where the University is considering the implementation of workplace change that could reasonably be expected to have significant effects on Staff they will engage in a consultative process with all affected Staff and their Union/s. Significant effects may arise from, but are not limited to:

(a) the need to transfer Staff to other work or locations including transfer to a new employer;

(b) a reduction in the number of positions;

(c) the alteration of hours of work across a work unit (eg the introduction of shiftwork);

(d) the alteration of the way in which work is performed and organised within a work unit which may be due to, but not limited to, the introduction of new technology or other changes to programs or organisation structure;

(e) the closure of a University work unit or part of a University work unit;

(f) any proposal to contract out the work currently being performed by any Staff Member, or to commence using (or increase the use of) independent contractors or labour hire workers to perform types of work currently being performed by Staff Members; or

(g) changes that invoke the clause dealing with Redundancy, Redeployment and Retrenchment.

4.13.4 Staff Members will be entitled to request the advice or assistance of their Union at any stage of discussion of the workplace change.

Significant Effects

4.13.5 During the Consultation process, for change involving significant effects on Staff, the University will provide, to all affected Staff and their Union/s a formal change paper that provides relevant information about the proposed workplace changes. The information will include but is not limited to:

(a) documentation setting out recommended changes and the rationale for the change, including objectives and aims of the change;

(b) the likely effects of the change upon Staff, including changes to roles, structures, proposed redundancies and/or redeployments and/or closure of a University work unit or part of a University work unit;

(c) the proposed timelines for implementation;

(d) the financial implications of the proposed change;

(e) position descriptions and any regrading/reclassification information which helps Staff to make informed responses.

4.13.6 In circumstances where proposed workplace changes do not involve a reduction in the number of positions or create redundancies or downgraded positions, the University may concurrently undertake the procedures set out at subclause 4.13.5(a)-(e) with those set out at subclause 4.13.8(b)-(d).

4.13.7 As part of the Consultation process affected Staff and their Unions will be given reasonable time to provide a response to the proposed changes and to any further recommendations made by the University as a consequence of Consultation. A response may include an alternative proposal for the provision of current services. The University will consider the submissions and respond to affected Staff and, their Union/s, before making a decision whether or not to proceed with the workplace change.

4.13.8 When the University confirms a decision to proceed with the change proposal, it will:

(a) inform affected Staff and their Union/s;

(b) confer with affected Staff and their Union/s with a view to reaching agreement about the implementation of the change, including the timeline of implementation and measures to mitigate any negative consequences for Staff arising from the change and a process for monitoring the effects of the change after implementation;

(c) undertake an assessment of the potential impacts on Designated Equity Groups, Indigenous employment strategies and the job security of Staff in the affected area; and

(d) where necessary, undertake an assessment of Staff training needs arising from the change.

4.13.9 Where implementation of workplace change leads to a position becoming redundant, the University will implement the redundancy provisions of this Agreement.

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