3.6 Probation

3.6 Probation

3.6.1 On commencement of either continuing or fixed-term employment a Professional Staff Member may be subject to a probationary period of up to 12 months. The length of the probationary period should be appropriate to the nature of the work being undertaken.

3.6.2 Probation may be considered, but usually will not apply, in the case of a second or subsequent continuing appointment. A second or subsequent fixed‑term appointment to the same position or to an essentially similar position will not contain a probationary period. Probation will not apply in cases of Secondment or transfer.

3.6.3 On commencement of employment, the Staff Member must be provided with documentation clearly setting out the standard of conduct and performance that is to be met during the probationary period.

3.6.4; The Supervisor will provide regular feedback to the Staff Member during the probationary period. Where there is a probationary period of greater than three months the Supervisor will conduct a review halfway through the nominated period.

3.6.5 If an assessment of performance cannot be made due to a Staff Member taking a period of approved leave (eg leave without pay, personal leave, parental leave) that is greater than four weeks then the end date for probation may be extended. The Director, Human Resources, on a recommendation from the Head, may approve to adjust the probationary period to provide the Staff Member with a total probation period equivalent to that contemplated in the employment instrument.

3.6.6 The Supervisor will undertake a formal probationary review no later than one month prior to the expiration of the probationary period. The review will be done in accordance with the University's Performance Development and Review (PDR) process.

3.6.7 After conducting the probationary review, the Supervisor will make a recommendation to the University about continuation or termination of employment. Where the Supervisor recommends termination the report of the formal review and any response from the Staff Member will be forwarded to the Head for approval. If termination is approved, the following notice periods will apply:

Length of Contract

Period of Notice

Fixed-term of 1 year or less

The lesser of 1 month or to the end of the fixed-term appointment (or payment in lieu)

Continuing appointment or fixed-term of more than 1 year where the probationary period is less than or equal to 6 months

2 months (or payment in lieu)

Continuing appointment or fixed-term of more than 1 year where the probationary period is greater than 6 months

4 months (or payment in lieu)

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