3.3 Salaries and Payments

3.3 Salaries and Payments

Salary Increases

3.3.1 This Agreement provides for the following salary increases, which will apply to all classifications covered by this Agreement:

  • 1.5 per cent from 2 April 2015
  • 1.5 per cent from 17 September 2015
  • 3 per cent from 1 September 2016
  • 3 per cent from 14 September 2017
  • 1.5 per cent from 15 March 2018.

Salary Rates

3.3.2 The salaries in Schedule 1 are in compensation for all ordinary hours specified in subclauses 3.7.3 and 3.7.4 worked by a Staff Member.

3.3.3 The minimum salaries for full-time Staff will be as contained in Schedule 1.

3.3.4 The rates of pay for casual Staff will be as contained in Schedule 2. These rates of pay incorporate a casual loading in lieu of those Agreement benefits for which casual Staff are ineligible including those leave and redundancy entitlements to which casual Staff are not entitled.

3.3.5 Part-time Staff will be paid pro rata based on the appropriate full-time salary.

3.3.6 The rate of pay for Examination Supervisors will be determined by reference to the Professional Staff classification descriptors and appropriate rates of pay, as contained in Schedule 2.1 of the Agreement.

Payment of Salaries

3.3.7 Salaries will be paid fortnightly by direct electronic funds transfer to an account nominated by the Staff Member at an Australian-based financial institution.

3.3.8 The University will issue pay slips to Staff electronically. In circumstances where a Staff Member is unable to access electronic means of receiving the pay slip a hard copy will be provided.

Flexible Salary Packaging

3.3.9 All eligible Staff may choose to enter into a salary packaging arrangement with the University for the purposes of receiving a salary lower than that to which they are entitled under Schedule 1, in exchange for a 'benefit' of equivalent value.

3.3.10 Where an agreement is reached between a Staff Member and the University in accordance with this subclause, benefits may be provided to the extent that the cost to the University of providing the benefits and the reduced salary does not exceed the cost to the University of providing the salary prior to entering into the salary packaging arrangement. Any arrangements will be in accordance with relevant taxation legislation.

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