2.9 Health and Safety

2.9 Health and Safety

2.9.1 In matters relating to health and safety, the University and its Staff Members will comply with relevant legislation and statutory requirements. The University will commit sufficient funding to meet Health and Safety requirements.

Health and Safety Representatives

2.9.2 The responsibilities of elected health and safety representatives (eg participation on health and safety advisory groups) will be taken into account by their Supervisor when determining their workloads.

Health Monitoring

2.9.3 Where, in the course of their employment, a Staff Member engages in duties and/or workplaces that expose them to hazardous substances and materials, and/or dangerous work practices, the University may require the Staff Member to undergo regular medical examinations and, where necessary, receive immunisation against infectious diseases. The University will meet the cost of medical assessments and immunisations required under this Agreement. Copies of medical reports and medical tests will be provided to the University and relevant Staff Members.

Independent Medical Examination

2.9.4 Where the University believes that a Staff Member's illness or injury is impacting their attendance or performance at work, or that of the Staff Member's colleagues, the University may require a Staff Member to undergo an independent medical examination. A statement setting out the inherent duties performed by the Staff Member will be provided to the medical practitioner to assist in the assessment.

2.9.5 The University will nominate a medical practitioner to conduct the medical examination at its expense and provide written notice that a medicalexamination is required. The University will provide a copy of the medical report to the Staff Member.

2.9.6 The medical report will be used to inform the development of a return to work plan (or an amended plan depending on the circumstance).

Provision of Uniforms and Personal Protective Equipment/Clothing

2.9.7 If Staff are required to wear a uniform or protective clothing as part of their employment, this will be provided, maintained, replaced and, where appropriate, laundered or dry cleaned at the expense of the University. Staff will not be paid an allowance instead of being provided with laundry, dry cleaning or replacement of clothing.

2.9.8 The University will supply safety equipment and/or protective clothing as required under relevant legislation.

2.9.9 Staff Members provided with items of clothing or safety equipment will be required to wear or use these items while performing the duties for which it has been provided.

2.9.10 Any clothing provided to Staff will remain the property of the University and must be returned if the Staff Member resigns or their employment is terminated.

2.9.11 The University will consult with Staff prior to the purchasing or replacement of uniforms and safety equipment.

Staff Amenities and Facilities

2.9.12 The University will maintain rooms for Staff Members who become ill at work or who are breastfeeding or expressing milk or who, for medical reasons, are required to administer medication.

First Aid Officers

2.9.13 First aid officers will be appointed in designated work areas and will be responsible for maintaining first aid facilities, recording treatment and administering aid to Staff and/or students.

2.9.14 These officers must have an appropriate first aid certificate or equivalent qualification. The University will fund these qualifications where required.

2.9.15 The University will make payment of the first aid allowances set out in Schedule 3 to all appointed first aid officers. Allowances will not be paid during periods of leave greater than five working days.

Compensation for Loss or Damage to Personal Property

2.9.16 Staff will be compensated for damage sustained to personal property in the course of their employment where the damage occurs:

(a) due to the negligence of the University, another Staff Member, or both, in carrying out their duties; or

(b) by fire, molten metal or corrosive substances; or

(c) due to a defect in the University's materials or equipment; or

(d) by Staff having protected, or tried to protect, the University's property from loss or damage.

Employee Assistance Program

2.9.17 The University will provide short-term counselling assistance for Staff Members experiencing personal difficulties at work or at home. The University will meet the costs for up to five sessions per year for each Staff Member in accordance with University policy.

Alcohol and Drug Use

2.9.18 The University recognises that drug and alcohol addictions are health issues and, in consultation with the MUCC, will maintain University-wide strategies to support Staff suffering from such addictions. These strategies will also aim to minimise the adverse impacts of drugs and alcohol on the workplace.

Quit Smoking Initiatives

2.9.19 The University will offer two Quit Smoking seminars annually for Staff.

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