2.8 Indigenous Employment

2.8 Indigenous Employment

2.8.1 For the purposes of this clause 'Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander person' means a person of Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander descent who identifies as an Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander person and is accepted as such by their Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander community.

2.8.2 The University will implement an Indigenous Pathway Program to support sustainable growth in Indigenous employment. This program will complement the existing Indigenous employment strategy and will aim to:

(a) increase the qualifications, professional development and engagement opportunities for Indigenous people and their communities; and

(b) increase employment of Indigenous people by endeavouring to recruit and retain Indigenous people in positions across the University.

2.8.3 The initiatives of the Program will align with the University's strategies relating to widening participation, outreach, workforce planning and professional development. The strategies aim to increase Indigenous student participation, retention and completion rates and strengthen the Indigenous candidate pool for academic and professional Staff employment at the University.

2.8.4 The Program will support completion of undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral qualifications and provide opportunities for postdoctoral experience for Indigenous Staff and students. The Program will include:

(a) the provision of undergraduate cadetships, postgraduate scholarships, PhD scholarships;

(b) funding for professional development;

(c) dedicated professional and cultural support roles; and

(d) an identified Indigenous position responsible for the management of the integrated employment and pathway program for Indigenous Staff. The position will contribute to the development and monitoring of the strategy and will work with Supervisors to facilitate its implementation across the University.

2.8.5 The University maintains its commitment to the provision of funding to support the initiatives of the Indigenous Pathway Program. Allocated funding for the Program will be no less than:









2.8.6 During 2016, the Director, Indigenous Strategy, will review the outcomes of the Indigenous Pathway Program and Indigenous employment strategy and report to the implementation and monitoring committee, referred to at subclause 2.8.12, with a view to having a future plan in place from 2017.

2.8.7 Consistent with the objectives that have been established for the Patyegarang: Macquarie University's Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Advancement Strategy 2012-2017, the University aims to increase the proportion of Indigenous Staff Members to 2.6 per cent of the University's FTE fixed-term and continuing Staff (which equates to approximately 33 FTE based on Professional Staff numbers as at 31 March 2014).

2.8.8 The University will develop and implement policies and practices that:

(a) respect and consider cultural, social and religious systems practised by Indigenous Staff and students, and acknowledges the diversity of Indigenous cultures;

(b) are aimed at eliminating racism in the workplace;

(c) celebrate Indigenous cultural practices and identity;

(d) support initiatives for increasing the cultural understandings and competency of both Indigenous and non-Indigenous Staff;

(e) support culturally responsive and responsible campus engagement activities; and

(f) recognise Indigenous knowledge as a distinct knowledge paradigm within learning and teaching practices.

2.8.9 The University maintains its commitment to the recruitment of Indigenous persons on merit into identified positions throughout the University. These positions will be identified as requiring an applicant to be anIndigenous Australianas a genuine occupational qualification as authorised by section 14 of the Anti-Discrimination Act 1977 (NSW). Non-Indigenous appointments to identified positions may only be made when attempts to source suitable Indigenous candidates have been unsuccessful and will normally be on a fixed-term basis.

2.8.10 Selection committees for positions identified as requiring an applicant to be an Indigenous Australian as a genuine occupational qualification will have at least one Indigenous member.

2.8.11 The University will provide to the CPSU and NTEU, on an annual basis, the following information:

(a) the numbers of Indigenous Staff Members, by classification and mode of employment. The information will include the number of Indigenous Staff as a percentage of all Staff;

(b) higher education Staff data as reported to the relevant Australian Government department;

(c) the participation rates of Indigenous Staff in cultural and ceremonial activities; and

(d) the retention rates and promotion numbers of Indigenous Staff.

2.8.12 The University will establish an implementation and monitoring committee for the purpose of reviewing and monitoring the Indigenous Pathway Program, progress around Indigenous workplace participation levels and Indigenous employment strategy. The committee will comprise:

(a) as Chair of the Committee, the Director, Indigenous Strategy;

(b) the Head, Warawara - Department of Indigenous Studies;

(c) an Executive Dean (or nominee);

(d) the Director, Human Resources or the Director, Equity and Diversity;

(e) a Staff representative nominated by the NTEU;

(f) a Staff representative nominated by the CPSU; and

(g) two Staff representatives, who identify as Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander, nominated by the University.

2.8.13 The Director, Indigenous Strategy will report to a member of the executive group of the University.

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