2.6 Environmental Sustainability

2.6 Environmental Sustainability

2.6.1 The University is committed to improving the environmental sustainability of the institution by incorporating sustainable practices into its strategies and plans and by promoting a culture of sustainability.

2.6.2 The University will promote sustainability by:

(a) annual reporting on performance against sustainability targets;

(b) making such reports publicly available;

(c) regularly informing the University community of the University's carbon emission, water and energy consumption levels, green space and biodiversity.

2.6.3 The University will continue to develop a culture that supports sustainability by:

(a) providing training and support for Staff to adopt sustainability principles and practices to achieve sustainable behaviour change in the workplace;

(b) encouraging Members to raise matters relating to waste, pollution, or environmental mismanagement.

2.6.4 The University will support and promote the use of alternative forms of transport to and from work by:

(a) the provision of pedestrian access paths for walkers, including improvements to current path entry to the campus;

(b) the provision of cycling facilities for cyclists, including bicycle hubs and maintenance area, u-rails, and improved signage;

(c) car pooling, including dedicated car parks and permits for car pooling;

(d) investigating the provision of shuttle buses for Staff to, and from, work in those areas of Sydney that are not adequately serviced by public transport;

(e) investigating transport subsidies for Staff.

2.6.5 The University is committed to consultation on the introduction and integration of practices that aim to improve the sustainability performance of the University. To assist with this goal a representative of the CPSU and the NTEU will be invited to attend meetings of the University's Sustainability Representative Network.

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