Macquarie University Consultative Committee

Macquarie University Consultative Committee

The Macquarie University Consultative Committee (MUCC) provides a forum for consultation on the discussion of employment matters. Macquarie University staff can contact any member of the MUCC to request a matter be raised with the MUCC.

The Committee was established in accordance with the clause 4.12 of the Macquarie University Professional Staff Enterprise Agreement 2015 and clause 4.7 of the Macquarie University Academic Staff Agreement 2014.

The MUCC discuss matters related to:

  1. the Macquarie University Enterprise Agreement
  2. employment related policy matters
  3. training and career development
  4. workplace diversity
  5. Occupational Health and Safety

The Committee is comprised of:

  • up to four representatives from University management;
  • up to four nominees from the unions - NTEU and the CPSU respectively;
  • four representatives elected from and by the academic staff; and
  • four representatives elected from and by the professional staff.

The current members of the MUCC are: 

Academic staffProfessional staffNTEUCPSU

Lloyd Cox

Barry Quinn

James Hazelton

Anne McMaugh

Laura Heron

Linda Kerr

Collette Ryan

Vasantha Saparamadu

Craig Macmillan

Cathy Rytmeister

Frank Valckenborgh

Rob Davies

Lachlan Morgan

Sondra Wibberley

Tom Kerr

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