Union representation

Union representation


52.1 The University recognises that unions are the legitimate representatives of those Staff who are their members and will provide the following support for union activities.

Union meetings

52.2 Unions may hold meetings of members on the premises of the University. Adequate notice will be given to the University of the intention to hold a Union meeting. Union meetings will be held during meal or other work breaks and may only be held during working hours if agreed between the Union and the University.


52.3 Subject to the negotiation of a licence agreement, the University will provide accessible, secure on-campus office space, with reasonable facilities, for Union representatives and officials. The University will also provide access to one notice board in each University building for materials authorised by the Union.

Time Release

52.4 A Staff Member who has been appointed as a Union representative will be allowed reasonable time to carry out responsibilities incurred as a result of the implementation of this Agreement. Staff will suffer no reduction in salary or conditions as a consequence of this time release.

52.5 In the interest of promoting active participation in the implementation of this Agreement and the processes of the Academic Staff Implementation Committee, the University agrees to provide 20% time release to the Branch President of the NTEU Branch or nominated delegate, on the condition that the President not access time release under any other industrial instrument.

52.6 The Union Branch President who has been granted time release will be considered on duty for that time and will not be disadvantaged as a result.

52.7 A Union representative will be considered to be on duty if they are required to attend an industrial tribunal as a participant or witness where the University is a party to the proceedings.

Leave to Attend Trade Union Courses

52.8 The University will grant the NTEU up to thirty (30) days of paid leave per year for Staff nominated by the NTEU Branch President to attend trade union training courses and conferences. Leave will be granted on the basis that a nominated Staff Member will not take more than 2 consecutive days within a limit of 5 days per calendar year. Such leave will count as service for all purposes and will be provided on the basis that the nominated Staff Members do not access leave under any other industrial instrument.

52.9 The University will grant up to two days per year for Staff Members nominated by the NTEU to attend group-based training conducted by the NTEU. Where possible, this training will be held during non-teaching periods.

52.10 Staff Members will provide reasonable notice to their Supervisor of their intention to access leave under subclauses 52.8 or 52.9.

Secondment to Unions

52.11 The University may agree to the secondment of a Staff Member to the Staff Member’s Union for up to 6 months in the first instance, and if agreed, for a further period of up to 12 months. The Union is required to meet all costs of the secondment, including salary, superannuation and salary on costs.

52.12 Service whilst on secondment to a union will count as continuing service for leave and incremental purposes.

Payroll Deduction of Union Dues

52.13 At the written request of a Staff Member, the University will provide for the deduction of trade union dues and levies from salary and the forwarding of these by the University to the Union at no charge.

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