Teaching evaluation

Teaching evaluation


43.1 Effective teaching plays a critical role in the quality of the learning outcomes of students. Student evaluation of teaching and curriculum may help to identify where the student learning experience can be improved, provide summary evidence of levels of student satisfaction, provide feedback on course content and delivery, and provide evidence of good practice in teaching.

43.2 All fixed term and continuing Staff will be required to undertake regular student evaluation of their teaching and the units they convene, including research supervision as appropriate.

43.3 Staff will not be required to obtain student evaluation of teaching for more than one unit each academic year. Staff will select the unit or units in which their teaching will be evaluated. Notwithstanding this, a Staff Member’s PDR supervisor may require that a formal evaluation of teaching be undertaken in a particular unit where evidence from other sources suggests a need for student evaluation.

43.4 Casual Academic Staff will be encouraged to seek student feedback and to attend professional development programs and workshops relevant to their teaching.

43.5 Student evaluation of teaching will not solely be used by the University to initiate any action under clause 46, Unsatisfactory Performance.

43.6 Formal student evaluation of teaching and, if applicable, curriculum provides one source of evidence of teaching performance and should be used along with other sources as outlined below for discussion relating to performance development and review, probation and promotion. Other sources of information about teaching performance and development may include, but are not limited to, a Staff Member’s:

(a) teaching portfolio;

(b) participation in curriculum development;

(c) participation in peer review of teaching;

(d) scholarly output relating to teaching;

(e) success in gaining internal and/or external grants relating to teaching; and

(f) attendance at relevant professional development programs.

43.7 Aggregated teaching evaluations may be published on the University’s website in a form that does not allow identification of individual Staff Members.

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