Schedule 4: allowances

Schedule 4: allowances


Higher Duties Allowance

S4.1 Where the University requires a Staff Member to perform some or all of the duties of a higher level position for a minimum period of five consecutive working days (or in the case of a part-time Staff Member, for a minimum period of the Staff Member’s normal working week), the Staff Member will be paid an allowance equal to the difference between the Staff Member’s substantive salary and the minimum salary for the level of the higher level position.

S4.2 Where the Staff Member is not undertaking all the duties of the position then a proportion of the allowance will be paid for the proportion of work performed.  The Staff Member will be advised of the extent of the duties to be performed and the rate of allowance to be paid. The duties and allowance may be increased or decreased during the relieving period following consultation with the Staff Member.

S4.3 Payment of a Higher Duties Allowance will not normally exceed a period of 12 months. If the allowance is to continue to be paid beyond the 12 month period the Supervisor must advise the Director, Human Resources of the reasons and seek approval for continuation of the allowance. The Director, Human Resources may approve the continuation of the allowance for a further period of up to 12 months and/or make a recommendation regarding the cessation of the allowance and associated duties.

S4.4 A Higher Duties Allowance is not payable where the Staff Member is the designated relieving officer or is recognised in the relevant role as the deputy of a more senior Staff Member.

S4.5 Where a Staff Member is paid a Higher Duties Allowance for a period greater than 12 months they will be eligible for incremental progression to the next step of the higher level position and the allowance will become superannuable.

S4.6 A Staff Member who receives a Higher Duties Allowance for a period in excess of 20 working days will receive the allowance for paid leave taken during the period of higher duties.

S4.7 Opportunities to act in higher positions should be seen as professional development for Staff Members and be offered to eligible Staff Members on an equitable basis.

Full unit Co-ordination Allowance

S4.8 A Staff Member who is required to carry out full unit co-ordination as part of their normal duties will be paid salary no less than Step 6 of the Level A salary rates. If a Level A Academic is undertaking the most complex level of unit co-ordination they will be paid by Allowance to Level B. The step paid will reflect the period of time the Staff Member is required to undertake the most complex level of unit co-ordination.

First Aid Allowance

S4.9 Staff Members appointed by the University as First Aid Officers or Occupational First Aid Officers will be eligible to receive a First Aid Allowance. Appointees must have current St John Ambulance First Aid certificate or equivalent qualification and are responsible for first aid facilities, injury records, administering first aid to Staff and/or students.

S4.10 Appointments are made on an as needs basis at the discretion of the University.

Effective from

29 March 2018

28 March 2019

26 March 2020

25 March 2021

First Aid Officer





Occupational First Aid Officer





Head of Department Allowance

S4.11 A Head of Department will receive an allowance commensurate with the size of the Department to which they are appointed. The Director, Human Resources has the discretion to increase the provisions relating to this allowance.

S4.12 Staff who qualify for two allowances will receive the higher of the two. These allowances are superannuable and included for leave and other purposes.

Department Size



Small Department

Total full-time equivalent Staff Members less than 12 (excluding casual Academic Staff Members)


Medium Department

Total full-time equivalent Staff Members between 12 and 50 (excluding casual Academic Staff Members)


Large Department

Total full-time equivalent Staff Members greater than 50 (excluding casual Academic Staff Members)


Work-related Travel Allowance

S4.13 The following provisions apply when travelling on approved University business.

S4.14 Normal entitlement is economy class air travel or first class rail travel (plus sleeping berth if overnight travel).

S5.15 Travel and travel programs are to be approved in advance by the Executive Dean. An entitlement to payment or reimbursement for expenses will be in accordance with the following:

(a) Payment of a per diem amount, as provided in the University’s Per Diem policy; or

(b) Reimbursement of actual costs up to travel allowance amount (documentation required); or

(c) University credit card; or

(d) Camping allowance, based on the Australian Taxation Office ruling.

S4.16 Allowance can be requested in advance (with acquittal within one month of return).

Motor Vehicle Kilometre Allowance – All Staff

S4.17 Rates payable/claimable will be consistent with allowances approved by the Australian Taxation Office and will be amended annually in accordance with Australian Taxation Office rulings as appropriate.

S4.18 This allowance may be claimed when using own vehicle for University business. It is not payable if receiving Annual Vehicle Allowance.

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