Recruitment and selection

Recruitment and selection



Recruitment and selection processes at the University will uphold the principle of merit-based selection and ensure the application of fair, reasonable and consistent standards of selection against selection criteria. Recruitment and selection will be carried out in accordance with the University’s recruitment and selection policies as varied from time to time.

Appeals Against Non-Appointment

A Staff Member, who is an unsuccessful applicant for appointment to a vacant position that has been advertised, may request a written report stating the reasons for their non-selection. Such a request must be made to the Chair of the selection panel within two days of being notified of the selection decision, and the report, by the Chair, must be provided within seven working days of receiving the Staff Member’s request.

The Staff Member may apply to have the decision reviewed by the Director, Human Resources if they consider that:

(a) the decision not to appoint was made in contravention of the appointment procedures; and/or

(b) the reasons given for not being appointed were inappropriate.

7.4 An appeal in respect of non-appointment to an advertised position may only be made if:

(a) the Staff Member (appellant):

  • (i) is not a casual Staff Member or a fixed term Staff Member who has had less than 6 months service with the University;
  • (ii) satisfies the advertised minimum requirements for the position; and
  • (iii) is willing and able to take up the duties of the position concerned.

(b) the person appointed to the position concerned was an internal candidate (already employed by the University);

(c) the appointment is a continuing appointment or, if it is a fixed term appointment or secondment, the term is for two years or more; and

(d) the position applied for carries a higher salary than that currently occupied by the appellant.

7.5 An appeal must be lodged with Human Resources within 7 working days of the Staff Member receiving the reasons for non-appointment. The Staff Member must provide a signed statement giving full details of the appeal.

7.6 Appeals will be dealt with in accordance with the University’s recruitment and selection policies as varied from time to time.

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